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Saxon is an English band formed in 1976 by Peter Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson and John Walker. Group which can boast of having placed 8 albums in the English Top40 albums including 4 in the Top10 and 2 in the Top5. And will have sold around 15 million albums worldwide.

Originally the band was called "Son of a bitch" !

The eponymous first album was released in 1979, an album of relative success. Followed a year later in 1980 by the album "Wheels of steel" which made him much better.

And produce their first two hits with a first single named after the album and a second called "747 (strangers in the night)". Their notoriety will suddenly skyrocket.

The same year released the album "Strong arm of the law" considered to this day as their best album. Album from which will be extracted a single by the name of the album and "Dallas 1PM".

A year later in 1981, another success with the release of the album "Denim and leather" which produced two major hits with "Princess of the night" and "The bands played on". The group is then considered to be the leader of the NWOBHM movement. Of which Iron Maiden and Def Leppard will be part.

Two years passed before the 1983 album “Power & the Glory” was released. Album that will remain as the best seller of all their discography. The tour that follows across the Atlantic is a real triumph.

The sequel became more complicated with the release in 1984 of the album "Crusader", an album which confused fans and critics with a sound deemed too commercial. This will not prevent it from selling more than two million copies !

A break with the early fans, which intensified the following year with the release of the album "Innocence is no excuse". Album which once again opts for a sound commercially "adapted" to the American market.

A fracture to which serious tensions will be added within the group.

This did not prevent the release of the album "Rock the Nations" in 1986. Album which sees Elton John playing luxury pianists on 2 tracks ! And it’s a success.

The sequel will be more chaotic and it will take five years and the year 1991 for the group to return to success with the album "Solid ball of rock". Followed in 1992 by the album "Forever free" which will meet more or less the same fate.

These will be their last major successes.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Wheels of steel 1980

  • 747 (strangers in the night) 1980

  • Big teaser 1980

  • Backs to the wall 1980

  • Strong arm of law 1980

  • And the bands played on 1981

  • Never surrender 1981

  • Princess of the night 1981

  • Power and the glory 1983

  • Nightmare 1983

  • Back on the streets 1985

  • Rock'n'roll gipsy 1986

  • Waiting for the night 1986

  • Ride like the wind 1988

  • I can't wait anymore 1988

Clips :

1980 ... a first punchy and 1000 % rock track. The trend is immediately given : it will beat up !

1980 ... even if it beats hard, the melodic quality is obvious. Rather auspicious all that ...

1980 ... a re-recorded version of their very first track from 1979. And this time it works !

1980 ... a re-recorded version of their very first track from 1979. And this time it works ! It's funny, I feel like I've said it before ...

1980 .... a particularly dense year which ended in style with a 5th classified title. For the start of a career, it starts all the way !

1981 ... a particularly successful title which will remain as their biggest hit. 1980 was a BIG year. 1981 will be even stronger and will be literally exceptional for the group !

1981 ... a sequel that will do almost as strong. I said it would be an exceptional year !

1981 ... third success, admittedly less prestigious but success nonetheless. We will largely be satisfied ...

1983 ... after a white 1982, we find them in great shape in 1983. A comeback which rhymes with success once again. With them, we start to get used to ...

1983 ... the sound evolves, less Heavy metal, more rock. Of course, it still beats up but the group mutates, it's clear !

1985 ... after a year 1984 which will not see them produce any major hits, we find them in 1985 with an obvious return of their Heavy metal bases. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop ...

1986 ... a structured sound, an effective melody, a hellish rhythm, yet another high class piece. Undeniably one of the best groups of this particular current !

1986 ... another BIG year with 2 big hits. 2 titles that allow them to continue their little man's journey slowly, but surely !

1988 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike ... Another year 1987 'without'. On the other hand, 1988 sees them return to the front of the stage thanks to the luxury cover of one of the biggest titles of Christopher Cross namely 'Ride like the wind'. You had to dare this one !

1988 ... their last notorious hit. A group that will have left a very special mark in this decade and especially in a field that is after all quite confidential

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