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Status Quo is an English group that was founded in 1969 under the leadership of Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster. The origins of the group date back to 1962 when it was called The Scorpions. It will take the name of The Specters from 1963, then The Status Quo from 1967. A group that can boast of having one of the largest numbers of titles classified in the English Charts with no less than sixty including twenty-two in the English Top 10 singles.

The real starting point of the group took place in January 1968 when the single "Pictures of Matchstick men" was released, an enormous title which went around the world and launched the group's career for good. An exceptional year 1968 for the group as they aligned the same year a second mega hit with the title "Ice in the sun". All taken from their first album "Picturesque matchstickable messages from the status quo" (!).

The album "Spare parts" which came out in 1969 did not really experience the same level of success and forced the group to change their musical direction. This is how they adopt the so-called hard rock boogie sound. Which won't change much because the albums "My Kelly's greasy spoon" from 1970 and "Dog of two head" from 1971 will not do much better than "Spare parts".

It was the change of label and the arrival at Vertigo in 1972 that suddenly revived the machine. The group released the album "Piledriver" that year, an album that allowed them to regain success with the title "Paper plane". The momentum is on and is not about to end. New album hits with "Hello !" in 1973 and "Quo" in 1974. But it was above all "On the level" in 1975 that allowed them to achieve consecration thanks to the enormous title "Down down" which became their highest ranked title of all.

At the rate of one album a year, it was the album "Blue for you" which came out in 1976. And like its predecessor, it was a huge global success. Album which will mainly produce the top hit "Rain". Then it was the turn of the album "Rockin 'all over the world" to be released in 1977. A pivotal year in which the group's sound evolved to come closer and closer to the standards of the time. Album with less success but which will produce a mega hit with the single of the same name.

Always on the same dynamic, it is the album "If you can’t stand the heat" which was released in 1978. The group's discography grew from year to year at breakneck speed.

Each year its release, for the year 1979, it will be the album "Whatever you want" which produces the mega-hit of the same name. Then "Just suppose" which in turn came out in 1980. Each album now having its mega hit, for this album, it will be the single "What you’re proposing".

A change of decade that rhymes with strong tensions within the group, forcing some historical members to leave the ship. Departures and arrivals follow one another and yet in no way disturb the phenomenal dynamics of the group. This is how the album "Never too late" was released in 1981, an album which is entitled to its mega hit like the others, namely "Something‘ bout you baby I like ". Then "1 + 9 + 8 + 2" in 1982, which unlike the others, only produced a small global hit with "Dear John". Then it will be "Back to back" in 1983, which produced 4 singles on its own but only one will be successful, namely "Ol’ rag blues ".

Then nothing during the years 1984 and 1985, as surprising as that may seem. It is better to return to 1986 with the hugely huge album "In the army now", a flagship album that will produce one of their most emblematic titles with the single of the same name. An album with multiple hits with 2 other notorious hits which are "Rollin' home" and "Dreamin".

New air hole in 1987. And another comeback in 1988 with the album "Ain’t complaining" which mainly produced the mega hit of the same name. Back in force which will be the last. Because all the albums that will be released subsequently, and there will be, none will produce mega hits equivalent to those of the late 70s and early 80s.

Except in 1990 with the titles "The anniversary Waltz - Part One" and "The anniversary Waltz - Part Two" which will be their last hits of planetary scale.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Pictures of Matchstick men 1968

  • Ice in the sun 1968

  • Down the dustpipe 1970

  • Paper plane 1972

  • Mean girl 1973

  • Caroline 1973

  • Down down 1974

  • Roll over lay down 1975

  • Rain 1976

  • Mystery song 1976

  • Wild side of life 1976

  • Rockin' all over the world 1977

  • Again and again 1978

  • Accident prone 1978

  • Whatever you want 1979

  • Living on an island 1979

  • What you’re proposing 1980

  • Lies 1980

  • Something 'bout you baby I like 1981

  • Rock ‘n’ roll 1981

  • Dear John 1982

  • OI' rag blues 1983

  • Marguerita time 1983

  • The wanderer 1984

  • Rollin’ home 1986

  • In the army now 1986

  • Dreamin 1986

  • Ain’t complaining 1988

  • Who gets the love ? 1988

  • Burning bridges 1988

  • The Anniversary waltz - Part one 1990

  • The Anniversary waltz - Part two 1990

  • Can’t give you more 1991

  • I didn’t mean it 1994

  • Fun fun fun 1996

  • The way it goes 1999


Clips :

1968 ... the huge title that will reveal them and offer them their first global hit. A shattering start for a group that will become year after year one of the major groups of the end of the twentieth century ...

1968 ... a year 1968 which saw the group literally explode on the international scene. We couldn't ask for a better start !

1970 ... a change of decade which sees the group adopt a tone that he will keep almost until the end. A unique electric guitar sound that will forever remain their trademark

1972 ... a single-title 1972 which did not prevent them from progressing, slowly but surely. And which allows them to show that they are not there by chance

1973 ... songs with crazy tempo, another of their particularity. A unique know-how that allows them to stand out from the crowd. But that also marginalizes them somewhat ...

1973 ... the machine starts to get carried away with mega hits and it's just the beginning. We're almost gone for 20 uninterrupted years of mega hits. Yes, yes, 20 years !

1974 ... here they sign quite simply the biggest success of their entire career. An enormous title, 1000 % rock, which works perfectly and always in their particular style. MAS-TER-FUL !

1975 ... that, what is certain with them, is that it beats up. Pure, hard rock that purists love. And that's only the beginning !

1976 ... the group grows inexorably year after year and will line up no less than 2 mega planetary hits that year, plus a top hit, just that. A title called 'rain' but it would be rather great musical weather for the group !

1976 ... the 'little' hit, here it is. A track that spins at 200 k/h and that literally makes you dizzy. Attention to the exit of the road gentlemen ...

1976 ... a year 1976 which ended in apotheosis with this new mega hit. A mega hit which definitely positions the group as one of the biggest phenomena of the moment !

1977 ... 'little' year 1977 with only one mega hit on the clock. But once again, what a hit ! Each title released now becomes an event in himself. HU-GE !

1978 ... the group is on an incredible dynamic which does not weaken an Iota. And always this frenzied tempo which takes everything in its path. We will not do them again, that's clear !

1978 ... when it wants, the group can be softer, the proof with this title. A deceleration that feels good !

1979 ... each year its mega mega hit. For the year 1979, it will be this one. And on the tempo side, we suspected that the deceleration was not going to last ...

1979 ... would it really be the same band...? Yes, yes, unbelievably as it may seem, they are indeed the same. Like what, with them, everything is possible !

1980 ... one would have thought that the passage to the 80s would relegate them to the rank of 'Has Been' given the sound evolution underway at the beginning of the decade. Oh no, not only they resist but in addition, they will adapt. We will see the result !

1980 ... well, evolution is not yet for now. But we will not have to delay because time is running out and the competition does not intend to give them a gift ...

1981 ... for the moment, the group oscillates between 2 basic trends. A foot in the 70s, a foot in the 80s. They will quickly have to choose ...

1981 ... unheard of, one of their very rare Intimist titles. And my gosh, they're far from ridiculous. Sure, it won't be the Ultimate Slow of the year, but at least they're trying !

1982 ... the group still does not manage to situate himself on the musical chessboard of the 80s. But it will be necessary because the gap with the competition grows from year to year ...

1983 ... the sound evolves slowly, but surely. A positive development which will allow the group to find a more than beneficial second wind !

1983 ... the group begins to vary the tempos and decrease the sound intensity of the electric guitars. The best is clear !

1984 ... even if the musical fundamentals remain the same, the group still tries to diversify. And my faith, we're going in the right direction ...

1986 ... exceptional fact, nothing will happen in 1985. We could have hoped that the 1985 empty year would be a good advisor but it will not be for this time, we find them on the same musical bases as by the past. Still missed ...

1986 ... then THIS title comes ! Even if this title will not be their biggest commercial success, it remains surely, and by far, the most emblematic. An incredible title, perfectly in keeping with its time and which definitively consecrates the group as one of the major groups of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... the group sets out again directly in its frenzied rhythms. Not even time to breathe, drive away the natural, it comes back at a gallop ...

1988 ... new air hole in 1987, so back in 1988 in a fashion that we now know by heart. 20 years after their debut, the group will be one of the few still present at this stage to have hardly evolved in terms of sound. Incredible but true...

1988 ... the end of the decade which saw the group suddenly stall, despite real efforts to evolve with the times. Nice try but inconclusive test ...

1988 ... a year 1988 which sees the group mixing several styles and several influences. Unfortunately, the result will be pretty much the same every time. That is to say disappointing ...

1990 ... miraculously, the phoenix rises from its ashes at the start of the 90's and allows himself the luxury of obtaining a new global top hit. Who will indeed be the last ...

1990 ... a sequel that will do almost as strong. A year 1990 which unfolds under the best auspices. Not sure that it will last very long ...

1991 ... a style too 'typed' which no longer really fits, if not at all with the 90s. The decline is underway ...

1994 ... no questioning of the group despite an obvious dropout in the Charts for years. Suicidal strategy but hey, it's them who see ...

1996 ... Status Quo which covers an emblematic Beach Boys song, this one had to be tried. When 2 legends from the 60s and 70s meet, it pulsates as they say ...

1999 ... 30 years after their debut, nothing has changed. A non-development extremely rare among the greatest. An astonishing strategy but which will still have allowed them to last so long. Double paradox ...


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