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Big Mountain is an American group formed in 1991 in San Diego by Joaquin "Quino" McWhinney. Who will be quickly joined by Lynn Copeland, Gregory Blakney, Jerome Cruz, Manfred Reinke and Lance Rhodes. Originally, the group was born in 1986 under the name of "Rainbow Warriors" then "Shiloh". The name Big Mountain would be a reference to the mountainous region located in Arizona.

A first album "California reggae" attributed to the group was released in 1988 and enjoyed only very relative success.

It was only two years later in 1992 that their first success came when the single "Touch my light" from the album "Wake up" was released, also released the same year.

Everything suddenly accelerates when the album "Unity" is released in 1994. Album which will make a real planetary success in particular thanks to the enormous single "Baby, I love your way", flagship cover of the title of Peter Frampton. Two other hits will be extracted from it, namely "Sweet sensual love" and to a lesser extent "I would find a way".

Another success in 1995 with the single "Get together" from the album "Resistance" which will be released a year later in 1996. But which will be the last of the group.

The albums that will be released later will not produce any major hit.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Touch my light 1992

  • Baby, I love your way 1994

  • I Would find a way 1994

  • Sweet sensual love 1994

  • Get together 1995

  • Carribean blue 1995

  • All kinds of people 1997

  • Let's stay together 1997


Clips :

1992 ... an excellent 1st title for a smooth start. Very promising beginnings which are immediately rewarded : 1st classified hit !

1994 ... then this title arrives ! A HUGE title which will propel them at the speed of light to the rank of planetary stars. They simply sign here one of the biggest hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1994 ... light, fresh and airy, yet another title with certain quality. A BIG year 1994 which literally saw them explode on the international scene. Each title released this year immediately turns into gold !

1994 ... a sumptuous year 1994 which ends in beauty with this new planetary top hit. Their inimitable style and their communicative joie de vivre made this group one of the indisputable phenomena of the moment

1995 ... new year....and new haircut ! But the musical style remains the same...phew ! The essential being saved, the result will be the same as for the previous titles : planetary top hit. But it will already be the last ...

1995 ... after almost two completely euphoric years, the group is blatantly losing speed. And yet goodwill and quality are always the order of the day. But that is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd ...

1997 ... after an empty 1996 year, we find them in great shape in this year 1997. Unfortunately, the great shape will not allow them to stick to the front runners. The sanction will be irrevocable : last hit of their career ....

1997 ... an end of adventure which is combined with this nice cover of the flagship title of Al Green dating from 1971. Which will also be taken over by a certain Tina Turner who, in turn, will make it a mega planetary hit in 1983 ...


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