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Another very great Pétrus...

Peter Jacques Band is one of the many groups in the shock duo made up of producer Jacques Fred Petrus and songwriter Mauro Malavasi.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the end of the 20th century for the title "Walking on music" which came out in 1978.

Huge single which will be a real worldwide hit and which will remain as his main hit.

He produced other well-made titles during the 1980s that it would have been a shame to ignore.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Walking on music 1978

  • Fire night dance 1979

  • Pacific blue 1979

  • The louder 1980

  • Is it it 1980

  • Counting on love "One two three" 1981

  • Mexico 1985

  • Going dancin' down the street 1985

  • Drives me crazy 1985

  • This night 1985


Clips :

1978 ... as soon as Petrus takes control of a project, the result is inevitably out of the ordinary. The proof once again with this group, and especially THIS amazing title, which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest dance hits of all time. A benchmark in the field ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... admittedly, the sequel is not able to compete with the previous gem but the quality is there, anyway. And the least we can say is that pulses !

1980 ... passing to the following decade, the sound of the group adapts and sticks perfectly to the new dance standards of the moment. Good job !

1980 ... even if the group is undoubtedly of high level, he will be unable to reproduce the exploit of the year 1978. Difficult to produce exceptional hits every decade ...

1981 ... so there it is downright reverse engine and back in full Disco. Astonishing tactic which unfortunately does not produce the expected results necessarily ...

1985 ... we find the group in the middle of the decade in a much more trendy sound. But the train of musical innovation has long passed and the group missed it. It is now impossible to make up for lost time ...

1985 ... a 100 % Dance orientation that cannot be denied title after title but when it doesn't want, it doesn't want. And yet, there is evident goodwill and quality. But each time it lacks the hint of brilliant inspiration that makes all the difference ...

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with a plethora of titles. Of course, there is the quantity, but the qualitative level is not sufficient to hope to reach the top of the Charts. When you see the level of competition, it's difficult to fight on equal terms ...

1985 ... in the end, a great adventure all the same which produced a number of quality Dance titles and above all 1 anthology. Not bad already, no ?


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