Angel of the night...

Angela Bofill is an American singer-songwriter born to a Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother. Singer who started her artistic career within the Ricardo Marrero formation before signing with the GRP Records label.

Label which allows her to release a first album "Angie" in 1978. For a first album it is particularly successful since it offers the singer her first notorious success on the album side but also on the single side with the huge title "This time I'll be sweeter".

New album "Angel of the Night" a year later in 1979, which confirms that the success of the previous album has nothing to do with fluke. The album is louder than its predecessor and will produce 2 high caliber singles with the titles "What I wouldn’t do (For the love of you)" and "Angel of the night".

It was the turn of the album "Something about you" to be released in 1981, an album of lesser success but which still allowed the young singer to stay in touch with the best. In particular thanks to 2 singles which are "Holdin 'out for love" and "Something about you".

It will take her 2 more years and the release of the album "Too Tough" in 1983 to finally be rewarded for her efforts. The album is a real success and will produce its biggest single hit with the title that bears the name of the album.

1983 was an exceptional year in all respects because it saw the release of a second album "Teaser", an album once again successful and which will add 2 stars to the singer's prize list with the titles "I'm on your side" in 1983 and "Special delivery" which will be released a year later in 1984.

A great adventure that will come to an end with the following albums. Albums which will only be classified in the R&B Charts and which will struggle to produce any large-caliber single ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • This time I’ll be sweeter 1979

  • Under the moon and over the sky 1979

  • What I wouldn't do (For the love of you) 1979

  • Angel of the night 1980

  • Something about you 1981

  • Holdin’ out for love 1982

  • Too tough 1983

  • Tonight I give in 1983

  • I’m on your side 1983

  • Special delivery 1984

  • Can’t slow down 1984

  • Let me be the one 1985

  • Who knows you better 1985

  • Tell me tomorrow 1985

  • I don't wanna comedown (From love) 1986

  • Still in love 1986

  • I just wanna stop 1988

  • Love is in your eyes 1989

  • Love was never 1992

  • I wanna love somebody 1993

  • Heavenly love 1993

Clips :

1979 ... first title and...already the biggest success of all her discography ! The young singer will have started her career in a sensational way, to say the least. All thanks to its revisited version of the title of Martha Reeves released 4 years earlier in 1975. MA-GIC !

1979 ... a sequel which will not really have the same level of success as the previous title but which shows all the singer's know-how in the 'emotional' titles ...

1979 ... it is clear that she will never repeat the feat achieved on the 1st title but what she continues to offer largely holds up. We will largely be satisfied with it !

1980 ... a light and airy style that works perfectly. It must be said that its origins are ideal for playing in this category and producing this kind of particularly swaying title ...

1981 ... a perfectly trendy style and sound that allows her to exist at the highest level. Certainly only in R&B Charts but many would be satisfied with it !

1982 ... a good job once again. Each title that comes out works perfectly and makes her one of the sure values of the moment !

1983 ... she will achieve with this title her best sales score in the Dance Charts. A recognition well deserved and which is not finished, far from it ...

1983 ... which does not prevent her from continuing to deliver high class Intimist titles, the proof with this title. She is good in all areas, but we already knew that !

1983 ... decidedly, 1983 is undoubtedly a year of 'emotions'. Second big caliber title in this area and certainly not the last ...

1984 ... as the year 1983 will have unfolded with finesse, as the year 1984 will be oriented Dance. A perfectly orchestrated style alternation that sees her keep in contact with the best with obvious ease ...

1984 ... new Dance success which adds an additional star to an already very well-stocked prize list. This singer is really talented, that's indisputable !

1985 ... after the effort, comfort as they say. With the key to a return to softness and finesse that we can only savor with great pleasure ...

1985 ... another excellent title, one more. A very homogeneous discography and of more than certain quality. What more !

1985 ... already 6 years spent at the highest level and a quality level which hardly weakens. That's what we call talent, quite simply ...

1986 ... a great adventure which unfortunately begins to reach its limits. Despite a more than certain quality, this title will go under the radar and de facto begins a slow and above all obvious deceleration ...

1986 ... a year 1986 which will not remain as its best vintage, it is clear. At least in the Charts because on the qualitative side, nothing to complain about as they say !

1988 ... after a year 1987 empty, here she is back in this year 1988 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Sufficient in any case to allow her to land a very last major hit thanks to this revisited version of the title Gino Vannelli dating from 1978 ...

1989 ... still excellent work but which will not even be rewarded at the height of what it should have. Like a feeling of blatant injustice ...

1992 ... whether alone or in gallant company, in all cases, it works ! She delivers here a new Intimist title of any beauty which literally floats in the air. MA-GIC once again !

1993 ... she will attempt the transition to the 90s but that will unfortunately change nothing as to the continuation of the events concerning her. Mass is said and nothing, and no one, will be able to change anything ...

1993 ... quality from start to finish ! From her first title to the last she will have offered a very high level of quality which undoubtedly makes her one of the singers who have counted during this decade, it is clear !

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