An original Valkyrie to say the least...

49ers is an Italian group formed in 1988 by producer Gianfranco Bortolli. Project joined by DJs Luca Cittadini, Diego Leoni, Pieradis Rossini and singer Anne-Marie Smith.

Their first single "Die Walküre", inspired by the hugely popular Freeez's "I.O.U.", was released the same year. A first single which will be a great esteem success. A success that was unfortunately not confirmed by the single "Shadows" which was released a year later in 1989.

It took them until the decade had turned and the 1990s that things suddenly accelerated when the single "Touch me" was released. Heavily inspired by Aretha Franklin's title "Rock-a-lott", the title will be a worldwide hit and literally explode the notoriety of the group.

Success confirmed for the single "Don’t you love me" which was released immediately. Title inspired this time by Jody Watley's title "Don’t you want me". A decidedly exceptional 90s with the release of a third top hit with the title "Girl to girl". The group is then at the height of its art.

Shattering success but short-lived success because everything that will come out subsequently will in no way know the level of success of the opus released previously.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Die Walküre 1988

  • Shadows 1989

  • Touch me 1990

  • Don’t you love me 1990

  • Girl to girl 1990

  • I need you 1990

  • Move your feet 1992

  • Got to be free 1992

  • The message 1992

  • Keep your love 1993

  • Rockin’ my body 1994

  • Hangin’ on to love 1995

  • Baby I’m yours 1996

Clips :

1988 ... a particularly successful debut which produced a first title which already said a lot about the rest. This group has talent, that's for sure

1989 ... a very trendy sound, a band that has obviously taken the novelty train. Even if this title will meet only a mixed success, the continuation, her, promises to be huge

1990 ... and the HUGE suite, here it is. A change of decade perfectly negotiated and which allows them to obtain their 1st global mega hit. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... a sequel that will be almost as strong, an extremely rare thing. The group becomes one of the phenomena of the moment and now aligns top hit on top hit

1990 ... the pass of 3 ! Three mega hits in a single year, the mark of the Greats. Well, not sure that it lasts but for now, it's going very impressive !

1990 ... a bloated year 1990 in terms of titles and all of more than certain quality. This one will not be the best ranked but largely holds the road, to say the least

1992 ... after an empty year 1991, here they are back a year later in 1992. Unfortunately, the group will be unable to regain its level of 1990 and the result in the Charts has nothing to do with see with what they have known before ...

1992 ... the quality is still there, of course, but the stroke of genius that made the difference the other times has disappeared at first sight ...

1992 ... three titles in 1992, as in 1990. But results in the Charts which are poles apart from each other. A meteoric rise followed by a meteoric fall. Like what, nothing is ever won ...

1993 ... and yet they hang on. But the competition is such and everything is going so fast now in this decade that even their style seems obsolete...and yet, they do not deserve, far from it !

1994 ... only one title in this year 1994 but which allows them at least to reconnect very temporarily with a semblance of success. Certainly limited to England but it's always better than nothing !

1995 ... another single-title year and this one, unlike its predecessor, will not even be classified. Their good will is obvious but nothing or done, when it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore !

1996 ... one last - very small - hit to end the adventure. 8 years of career, 2 mega planetary hits, it's not bad enough !

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