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An obvious preference for men objects...

Sinitta, by her real name Sinitta Malone, is a singer of American origin but who has lived most of her life in England. Singer who can boast of having produced no less than 14 classified titles.

In the early 80s, she made her singing debut in the dance group "Hot Gossip" with which she recorded two singles, "Break me into little pieces" and "Don’t beat around the bush".

We find her in 1984 in the Eurovision English selection competition with the title "Imagination". Title which unfortunately will not allow her to obtain his ticket for the final.

It was not until 1986 that things suddenly accelerated when the single "So macho" was released. Single which will make a real planetary success and propel her suddenly under the spotlight. The title will sell over a million copies worldwide !

She did it again a year later in 1987 with the hugely popular "Toy boy" from the album "Sinitta !" which came out the same year. Huge success orchestrated by the 3 miracle workers that are Stock Aitken and Waterman. The title will remain ranked for 14 consecutive weeks !

The album will produce two other top hits : "GTO" and "Cross my broken heart".

In 1989 the less successful album "Wicked" was released. Album that will still produce the top hit "Right back where we started from". And to a lesser extent "Love on a moutain top" and "Hitchin’ a ride" which was released in 1990.

She achieved a last notable success in 1992 with the flagship single "Shame shame shame" from the album "Naughty naughty".

She will come back later but she will never find the level of success she will have known in the middle of the 80s unfortunately...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Break me into little pieces (Hot Gossip) 1983

  • I could be 1983

  • Cruising 1984

  • So macho 1986

  • Feels like the first time 1986

  • Toy boy 1987

  • GTO 1987

  • Cross my broken heart 1988

  • I don’t believe in miracles 1988

  • Right back where we started from 1989

  • Love on a moutain top 1989

  • Lay me down easy 1989

  • Hitchin’ a ride 1990

  • Love and affection 1990

  • Shame shame shame 1992

  • Where did our love go 1993

  • Aquarius 1993

  • So many men so little time 2014

  • Touch me (All night long) 2015

  • Girlfriend 2016

  • Shine with pride 2018

  • Paradise 2020

  • Can you feel it 2021

  • I won't be lonely this Christmas 2021


Clips :

1983 ... the very first steps, with many. It's nice but frankly, difficult to imagine at this stage what awaits the singer in the years to come ...

1983 ... the first solo steps. It's still nice but it is obvious that there is still work, a lot of work to go to the stars ...

1984 ... the situation changes, slowly but surely. There is better, of course, but we are still far from the minimum criteria that allow us to make a basic hit. Must still progress ...

1986 ... then comes THIS title. A remixed version of a title released a year earlier and gone completely unnoticed. This time, on the other hand, not only does the title not go unnoticed but also offers the singer her first planetary top hit. HU-GE !

1986 ... a second title with certain quality. Big year 1986 where we understand very quickly that the singer has considerably progressed and that the tubes will start to parade

1987 ... the 'Tube Makers' offered her first intergalactic hit. HUGE title that will set fire to all Dancefloor on the planet and explode the notoriety of the singer. She simply signs here the biggest hit of all her discography. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... this one is also pretty in the same style ! After an exceptional year 1986, 1987 is almost in the same line. After a fairly slow start to her career, it is clear that the singer is now in a dimension that has nothing to do with what she has known before !

1988 ... it's not complicated, now it's a title, a hit ! A new year which is starting again on the wheel hats and which prolongs a dynamic of the most buoyant for the singer

1988 ... 1000 % Hi-NRG ! The pretty Sinitta is in top form and here surely signs one of her best titles. When we think back to its beginnings and where she is today, the metamorphosis is incredible !

1989 ... a year 1989 which saw her take over one of the flagship titles of Maxine Nightingale dating from 1975. And the least we can say is that the copy works of the fire of god. Offering her a new planetary top hit !

1989 ... a year 1989 which will be definitely that of the recoveries. This time, it's a cover of the Robert Knight title from 1968. The result will not be as brilliant as the previous title but it allows her to maintain herself without problem in the lead pack

1989 ... after the mega Dance hits, she finished the 1980s in style with a nice and refined title that shows another facet of her talent. MA-GIC !

1990 ... a change of decade that rhymes as much with Dance, Dance, Dance. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. Even though its level of success has dropped somewhat lately, she continues to produce very good titles. Hope it lasts !

1990 ... suddenly return to Intimist mode. An alternation which she practices more and more and which succeeds rather well. But the decline is on the way, and this is irreversible ...

1990... a start of the following decade which rhymes with this little cover from behind the bundles of a Shirley & Company title dating from 1974, it does not eat bread as they say. Easy but effective !

1993...definitely this beginning of the 90s will be placed unquestionably under the sign of luxury revivals. This time she revisits the title of the Supremes dating from 1964 and her version will certainly not be without interest. But the most successful revisited version of this title will undoubtedly remain that of the Soft Cell dating from 1981... last little hit before seeing her disappear from the radar for a bunch of years. All thanks to a new version revisited this time of one of the key titles of the musical 'Hair' dating from 1967. Easy again but since it works...

2014...we will lose sight of her for almost 21 years, just that. While we thought the case was definitely folded, here she is back in a completely unexpected way to say the least...

2015...after covering the title of Miquel Brown dating from 1983 on the previous title, she covers here some Fonda Rae dating from 1984. Unfortunately the covers no longer pay on the Charts side...

2016 ... regardless of the results in the Charts at first sight because she continues the adventure at all costs. As long as she enjoys what she does...

2018... the main thing is to believe in it as they say and you never know, a miracle could happen. Who tries nothing has nothing as they say... many of the former glories of the 80s, the 2020s seem like the perfect time to come back to life. Let's hope so...

2021... after having covered some Sade dating from 1988 on the previous title, here she is associated with other former glories to replay one of the major titles of the Jacksons. It's certainly nice but especially on the fact of seeing them sing together...

2021... so we imagine that this title will not be the last. Since she has decided to come back there is no reason for her to stop on such a good path...


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