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All or nothing...

Fiction Factory is a Scottish group formed in 1983 in Perth and composed of Kevin Patterson, Eddie Jordan, Grant Taylor, Chic Medley, Graham McGregor and Mike Ogletree.

The group released a first single "Ghost of love" the same year, single which will allow the group to become known on the international scene. Followed by little "Everyone but you".

But it was especially the following single, "(Feels like) Heaven", which literally exploded the band's notoriety. The single made a real worldwide hit and to this day remains the group's biggest record success.

The group released their first album "Throw the warped wheel out" a year later in 1984. Album which in turn was a hit and confirmed the status of a sure bet for the group.

Unfortunately, it was a short-lived success because everything that came out afterwards, whether on the single or album side, met with only very limited success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ghost of love 1983

  • Everyone but you 1983

  • (Feels like) Heaven 1983

  • All or nothing 1984

  • Heart and mind 1984

  • The warped wheel 1984

  • Not the only one 1985

  • No time 1985

  • Time is right 1985


Clips :

1983 ... a first title of more than certain quality. The group starts off with a bang and immediately shows a potential and a talent more than obvious !

1983 ... a sequel of the same caliber which blatantly shows that these young Scots are not there to make up. Hopefully the adventure will be long and beautiful ...

1983 ... in the first year they will have achieved planetary consecration thanks to THIS title. A real feat which rewards excellent work and above all a highly inspired melody. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... unfortunately, the party will come to an end. On the one hand by a sudden dropout in the Charts and subsequently by an outright disappearance. Incredible turnaround !

1984 ... well, for the moment we are not there yet but what has already been recorded is the free and brutal fall in the Charts. How can we go like that from one extreme to another ...?

1984 ... the level remains very correct but it is clear that we have gone down a notch compared to the previous year. And this is only the beginning...

1985 ... the last year of existence already. A shooting star group, one more, which had everything to do great and beautiful things and which unfortunately missed the boat ...

1985 ... it is sure that the year 1985 will have been much less inspired than the year 1983. Hence a gradual disappearance of radars ...

1985 ... and yet what they have proposed until the end is far from ridiculous. The dropout in 1984 was fatal and the group will never recover ...


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