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All guilty ..... of loving ..... Jodie!

Les Innocents is a French group formed in 1982 by singer Jean-Philippe Nataf. The original group was called "Les Privés" before it was renamed "Les Innocents" in tribute to "Clash".

The other members are Bertrand Sansonetti, guitarist, Rico, bassist and Pierre Morin as drummer.

Their debuts are in theaters like "Le Gibus" and they realize their first single "Pamela" in 1985. Single with esteem success.

They signed with the label "Virgin" in 1986 and it was a year later that everything would suddenly accelerate with the release of the single "Jodie". Single which made a real success in 1987 with more than 150,000 copies sold ! The reputation of the group explodes in France.

In 1988 the single "Et le temps n’attend" was released with less success.

Their first album "Cent mètres au paradis" was released in 1989 but it was a semi-failure.

They will take 3 years to recover before the album "Fous à lier", which contains the excellent singles "L’autre Finistère" and "Un homme extraordinaire", was released in 1992. The group returns to success.

We have to wait another 3 years to see the release of the album "Post-Partum" which will be 2 other flagship titles that are "Colore" and "Un monde parfait.

Another album will be released later but will go almost unnoticed, sounding the end of the adventure for this group, my faith, very interesting.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Pamela 1985

• Jodie 1987

• Et le temps n’attend pas 1988

• Cent mètres au paradis 1989

• St Sylvestre 1989

• Miss monde pleure 1990

• En tapant du poing 1991

• Mon dernier soldat 1992

• L’autre finistère 1992

• Un homme extraordinaire 1993

• Un monde parfait 1995

• Colore 1996

• Des jours adverses 1996

• Dentelle 1997

• Le cygne 1999


Clips :

1985 ... very rock and mid-80s debut. Talent but a style that remains to be defined. Patience, patience ...

1987 ... the HUGE title that will change everything and propel them overnight under the spotlight. They simply sign here one of the biggest French hits of the decade, just that. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... the years go by but not necessarily the successes. And this despite a title of obvious quality. A slight air hole without consequence, at least we hope so ...

1989 ... once again the group runs after the success which inexorably escapes him and yet it is not for want of trying ...

1989 ... an inspired end of decade but that still isn't enough. Let time go by, the following decade has some nice surprises in store for them ...

1990 ... Miss World will not do better than the previous ones but what is certain is that the end of the tunnel is not so far away ...

1991 ... an obvious sound evolution, which became essential to stay in the race and which foreshadows the return of hits, at least we hope so ...

1992 ... a foray into the Intimist realm of beauty. A highly inspired title that literally floats in the air ...

1992 ... the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes thanks to this title with the sound that fits perfectly with the new trends of the moment. A return to the front of the stage for the less shattering which places them in the race impressively. HU-GE !

1993 ... they reoffend a year later with this other HUGE title which makes them enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s

1995 ... a dynamic that does not weaken. The 1980s saw them being born and growing slowly. But it was the 1990s that saw them explode !

1996 ... THE title which will surely remain as one of the best, if not the best of all their discography. A masterpiece of inspiration, as much by the sound as by the words and the style. MAS-TER-FUL !

1996 ... even if the result is once again of quality, impossible to compete with the previous gem as the bar is high ...

1997 ... a much darker track, far from the universe of 'Colore'. A rare foray into the Intimist ...

1999 ... an incredible decade for the group which ends on this title. 15 years of career completed with an obvious brilliance and which will have enabled them to write some of the most notorious titles of this end of the XXth century on the French side


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