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All excited ...

Quando Quango is an English band formed in Rotterdam in 1980, before moving to Manchester in 1982, and originally composed of Mike Pickering and the brothers Gonnie and Reinier Rietveld. Group whose particularity is to have known how to mix with a certain talent several contradictory influences such as jazz, reggae, Pop and Disco.

Group which released a first single "Go exciting" in 1982, single which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed.

They had their first major success a year later in 1983 with the single "Love Tempo". Then in 1984, it is the single "Atom rock" which knows the favors of the public. Two singles that will allow them to make themselves known at the highest level and which will undoubtedly remain their most emblematic singles.

In 1985 their only album called "Pigs + Battleships" will be released, an album which will be very successful and which will produce their last successful single "Genius".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Go exciting 1982

  • Tingle 1982

  • Love tempo 1983

  • Atom rock 1984

  • Triangle 1984

  • Happy boy 1985

  • Genius 1985

  • Rebel 1985


Clips :

1982 ... the first steps. A style to say the least atypical and which really denotes the competition. A stated and claimed bias ...

1982 ... this one would already be a little more in the standards of the moment. But goodwill is not always enough and the group is for the moment on the spot ...

1983 ... the first classified title. Certainly in the independent Charts but it is always better than nothing as they say. Let's give them time ...

1984 ... then THIS title comes ! They do not sign here the biggest success of their career but surely their most emblematic title. What more. HU-GE !

1984 ... they will always have remained on the same basis of influences with the result of inevitable marginalization in the long term. Strategy to say the least surprising ...

1985 ... a really confusing style that they will take to the end. But impossible to compete calmly with the competition in these conditions ...

1985 ... the last 'little' hit. A group out of time, out of fashion and which will never have been embarrassed by the when will we say ...


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