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Alexander the Great...

Alexander O’Neal is an American composer and performer who boasts of having placed no less than 14 singles in the English Top40.

It all started for him in 1981 when he was signed by Prince within the Warner Bros. label. Within a group that they will rename "The Time".

Unfortunately, the adventure came to an end and the singer quickly regained his freedom.

A year later in 1982, he started a new group under the name "Alexander" and released a first single "Do you dare". Single to relative success.

He had to wait until 1985 to see his efforts rewarded, in particular thanks to the title "Saturday love" which he performed in duet with Cherrelle. This time, success is really there and his career takes a much more interesting turn.

Success confirmed in 1987 with the release of the enormous album "Hearsay". Album which will notably produce the top hit "Fake". As well as two other major titles such as "Criticize" and the huge "Never knew love like this", again in duet with Cherrelle.

Flagship album of the singer's discography and which will ultimately produce no less than 7 classified singles !

Paradoxically more successful in England than in the United States ...

He had a last major success in 1991 with the album "All true man", notably thanks to the eponymous single as well as with the title "What is this thing called love ?" A success that will once again be more flagrant across the Channel than in the USA ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Do you dare 1982

• Attitude 1983

• Innocent 1985

• If you were here tonight 1985

• Saturday love 1985

• What's missing 1986

• Sunshine 1986

• Fake 1987

• Criticize 1987

• Never Knew Love Like This 1988

• The lovers 1988

• (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me 1988

• Hearsay 1989

• All true man 1991

• What is this thing called love ? 1991

• Sentimental 1992

• Love makes no sense 1993

• In the middle 1993

• All that matters to me 1993

• Baby come to me 1997

• Lovers again 1998

• Grind 1997

• He said she said 2002

• You're gonna miss me 2002

• I'm there 2002

• Secret lovers 2008

• A million love songs 2008

• Always and forever 2008

• Minnesota shuffle 2010

• I found true love 2010


Clips :

1982 ... a very funky start. Certainly, the basics are there but there is still work, it is obvious. It will come, it will come ...

1983 ... it won't be for 1983 either. But the main thing is to participate. And that, to participate, he participates ...

1985 ... the year that will change everything. A sound finally mastered, just like the style, it only remains to unroll...

1985 ... a first gentle parenthesis which sees the singer go into Serial Lover mode. And in this register, he is particularly effective !

1985 ... and when he combines, with 2, it's necessarily better. Especially since the Cherelle-O'Neal duo works perfectly, so why deny it ...

1986 ... a first-class Dance sound that allows the artist to play in the big leagues

1986 ... he signs here a sumptuous Ultimate slow which shows the full extent of his talent in this field. An area that particularly succeeds ...

1987 ... the HUGE year in which everything succeeded. With an aftertaste of Prince for this 1st Dance title which will remain as one of his biggest successes

1987 ... 2nd top hit in stride. He finally found the miracle recipe for guaranteed success. At the height of its possibilities !

1988 ... he repeats with his sweetheart. The duo still works miracles and the result is immediate : global success !

1988 ... the years go by but they don't necessarily look alike. Difficult to find the same dynamic that brought him to the skies previously ...

1988 ... strong comeback on the Dance side. You might as well try everything for everything. And my faith, it works pretty well all that !

1989 ... 1989 will be equal to 1988, a year of quality but insufficient quality to return to lasting success ...

1991 ... a change of decade which allows him to temporarily reconnect with the summit of the Charts. Like what, just be patient ...

1991 ... a beautiful year 1991 which offered him a second major success. The Sphinx rises from the ashes !

1992 ... the artist cannot capitalize on his successes of the previous year. Too bad, bad...despite an Intimist title to quality more than certain

1993 ... parenthesis 1992 being quickly closed, here it is again the following year in great shape. Unfortunately, this will be his last notorious hit ...

1993 ... a great shape that we also find on this title. Like what, nothing is never finished ...

1993 ... definitely, this year really reveals some nice surprises. A third title which also largely holds the road !

1997 ... one last time the magic duo makes talk about him again. On a luxury cover of the title of Patti Austin and James Ingram. Well, the copy is not worth the original, but whatever, we will not blame them ...

1998...the last year at the highest level. He has to make the most of it because the years that follow will be frankly less favorable to him...

1998...he lands his very last hits here. After 13 years which will have seen him pile up the hits in an impressive way, he is about to begin a career that will be much more confidential...

2002... he will attempt the transition to the next decade but it will not quite happen as he hoped. And yet he is far from undeserving...

2002...but difficult now to compete with much younger competition. In any case, he continues to believe in it and in principle we would rather give him reason...

2002...because despite his 49 years, he is far from being ridiculous. A trendy sound, just like the style, in short, a good job as usual, which does not surprise us from him...

2008...a year 2008 that will rhyme with luxury covers. He is going to deliver here an opus composed of titles which marked him and which he covers with undisguised pleasure. Starting with this Atlantic Starr title from 1985...

2008...then it's the turn of the title of Take That dating from 1992 to have its favors. He manages to make an even more glamorous version of it here than the original, which deserves to be underlined... he covers Heatwave dating from 1976 and as before, the result is more than up to par. A particularly successful cover album, to say the least...

2010...and here he is, starting a new decade, one more. An exceptional and above all deserved longevity for an artist with multifaceted talent...

2010...not sure that the adventure will last for decades and decades, but he's still there anyway. It remains to be seen if he will have the courage to come back later...


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