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Albert 1er, King of the Italo Disco...

Little is known about Albert One, whose real name is Alberto Carpani, apart from the fact that he was an Italian singer as well as one of the biggest suppliers of Italo Disco titles during the 80s.

He has had some success with titles such as "Turbo diesel", "Heart on fire", "For your love", "Secrets" or other "Stay".

As such, he deserved at least this article.

Artist who will leave us definitively on May 11, 2020, date on which he will die from the Covid-19 suites.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Turbo diesel 1984

• Lady O’ 1985

• Heart on fire 1985

• Secrets 1986

• For your love 1986

• Hopes and dreams 1987

• Change your mind 1988

• Visions 1988

• Everybody 1988

• Lover boy 1989

• This is real 1992

• All you want 1993

• Mandy 1998

• Stay 2010


Clips :

1984 ... fairly slow beginnings where the sound is somewhat amateurish ... Must and can do better !

1985 ... well, there's the best, the level is rising slowly but surely. Let's be patient ...

1985 ... the first images. An atypical physique for this kind of category, to say the least ...

1986 ... the sound asserts itself, this time, the artist begins to play in the courtyard of the Great of the Italo-Disco

1986 ... in good shape the guy. He finally found his marks and his style. And the result is suddenly up to par !

1987 ... an increasing quality from year to year. Long to start but now at cruising speed

1988 ... slight slack. A slight lack of inspiration that must be corrected quickly ...

1988 ... a decidedly mixed year. Well, let's hope it comes back ...

1988 ... an end of the year already a little more inspired. We find the Italo-Disco sound as we like ...

1989 ... the change of year sees the artist start again in ease and in all comings. Pity...

1998 ... change of decade and this time everything has changed. And rather in a good way...

2010 ... again and again. Incredible but true ! And surely one of his best titles. Like what, nothing is never lost !


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