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Adventures in the land of music...

Dynasty is an American group formed in Los Angeles by producers Dick Griffey and Leon Sylvers III and originally composed of Nidra Beard, Linda Carriere and Kevin Spencer.

A first album "Your piece of the rock" was released in 1979, which produced the group's first ranked hit, "I don’t want to be a freak (But I can't help myself)”.

A year later in 1980, the album “Adventures in the land of music” was released, an album from which the enormous “I've just begun to love you” was extracted, a flagship single which will remain as the biggest success of all their discography. And to a lesser extent “Do me right” and “Groove control”.

New album "The second adventure" in 1981, an album with average success and which is already beginning to show the limits of the group. Only the singles "Here I am" and "Love in the fast lane" will be successful.

Three other albums will be released later, “Right back at cha! In 1982, "Daydreamin" in 1986 and "Out of control" in 1988, but none of them produced any major hits.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Your piece of the rock 1979

  • Satisfied 1979

  • When you feel like ginving love (Dial my number) 1979

  • I don’t want to be a freak (But I can’t help myself) 1979

  • Do me right 1980

  • I’ve just begun to love you 1980

  • Groove control 1980

  • Adventures in the land of music 1980

  • Something to remember 1980

  • Here I am 1981

  • Love in the fast lane 1981

  • Check it out 1982

  • Strokin’ 1982

  • The only one 1982

  • The way I feel about you 1982

  • Does that ring a bell 1983

  • Personality 1986

  • Don't waste my time 1988

  • Tell me (Do you want my love) ? 1988


Clips :

1979 ... rhythmic beginnings to say the least and which immediately shows the trend : it will be Dance, Dance, Dance. We are therefore warned !

1979 ... the trend is confirmed, the group is there to dance, that's clear. And my faith, they are doing quite well !

1979 ... surprisingly, when we thought we had left for a festival of Dance titles, the group already offers its first Intimist break. And the least we can say is that the result is far from ridiculous !

1979 ... the first classified title. Considering the obvious talent of the group, we suspected that at some point all their efforts would pay off

1980 ... a transition to the 80s that the group celebrates in playful fashion to say the least. A good mood that we will qualify as communicative !

1980 ... new classified title. Of course, they will never reach a level of recognition worthy of the greatest, but their level of success will be largely sufficient to ensure them minimal recognition

1980 ... a great year 1980 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. An effective style that hits the mark every time

1980 ... a year 1980 that never ends. An inspiration to say the least bubbling and which makes this group one of the most prolific of the moment

1980 ... it's been several pieces that the group is between two waters on the rhythmic side. A stated bias which also shows that the group himself is between two waters in terms of its musical orientation

1981 ... the sonic evolution is evident. The group became aware of the musical evolutions which took place at the beginning of the decade and adapted perfectly

1981 ... the great adventure continues. The group proceeds quietly without worrying too much about its level of success in the Charts which unfortunately stagnates. Beautiful self-sacrifice !

1982 ... they will never have succeeded in producing exceptional hits but many other groups would have largely been satisfied with the overall quality of their discography

1982 ... they won't have missed much to reach the big league, just a little higher level of inspiration

1982 ... a small Intimist interlude of quality which shows that they are really good in all areas. Beautiful versatility !

1982 ... and what to say about it. Here they deliver an absolutely somptuous Ultimate Slow that literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

1983 ... furtive return of success but return all the same. As soon as inspiration follows, the result in the Charts is immediately felt !

1986 ... little air hole of 3 years and here they are again in 1986, in a form that will be described as minimalist. 3 years that did not really benefit them ...

1988 ... new chip jump and here we are in 1988. The group clings, resists but unfortunately that is no longer enough. An adventure that is drawing to a close ...

1988 ... a great adventure that ends in style with this particularly successful and inspired title. They will have been good until the end !


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