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Adepts of De-evolution...

Devo is an American group formed in 1972 by the Mothersbaugh brothers (Mark and Bob), the Casale brothers (Gerald and Bob), Bob Lewis, joined some time later by Alan Myers.

The name of the group is said to come from the concept of "De-evolution", a concept based on the inevitable regression of the human race, due in part to the "sheep" effect particularly present in American society.

Their first performance under the name "Sextet Devo" took place in 1973 but it was not until 1976 to see their first single "Mongoloid" released. Followed in 1978 by "Be stiff". Highly regarded singles.

A highly regarded success that got them noticed by two era heavyweights David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Heavyweights who will recommend them to the label Warner Bros Records who sign them in stride.

The first album “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" released shortly after, album with relative success. Followed in 1979 by the album "Duty now for the future" where the share of electronic instruments has increased considerably. The group’s notoriety is growing.

It was a year later in 1980 that the band suddenly experienced their heyday with the release of the album "Freedom of Choice", an album that displayed a totally electronic sound. And from which will be extracted their biggest hit to date, namely the now cult “Whip it”.

In 1981 the album "New traditionalists" was released, accompanied by the bonus single "Working in the coal mine". Then in 1982 it was the album "Oh, No! It’s Devo” which in turn is a darker sounding album. Followed in 1984 by the mediocre success album "Shout".

The band will release other albums later, but unfortunately they won't do much better. A quirky band, which will have passed like a UFO in the musical history of the 80s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Mongoloid 1977

  • (I can't get no) Satisfaction 1977

  • Be stiff 1978

  • Jocko homo 1978

  • Come back Jonee 1978

  • The day my babe gave me a surprize 1979

  • Secret agent man 1979

  • Girl U want 1980

  • Whip it 1980

  • Freedom of choice 1980

  • Working in the coal mine 1981

  • Beautiful world 1981

  • Trough being cool 1981

  • Jerkin' back 'n' forth 1982

  • Peek-a-boo! 1982

  • That’s good 1983

  • Theme from doctor Detroit 1983

  • Are U experienced ? 1984

  • Here to go 1985

  • Shout 1985

  • Disco dancer 1988

  • Baby doll 1988

  • Post post-modern man 1990

  • Stuck in a loop 1990

  • Watch us work it 2007

  • Don't shoot (I'm a man) 2009

  • Fresh 2010

  • What we do 2010

  • Ohio 2010


Clips :

1977...a first title that will go somewhat unnoticed. But what is certain is that this group will not go unnoticed and this from all points of view...

1977 ... it is thanks to this luxury cover of the mythical title dating from 1965 of The Stones that the group obtains its first notorious success. A revisited version that already says a lot about the crazy style that will become the group's trademark ...

1978...surprisingly the success is limited exclusively to England. Like what no one is a prophet in his country as they say...

1978...success limited to England but now constant success, which can only encourage the group to continue its musical delusions...

1978...a year 1978 which will have at least allowed the group to make himself known on a planetary level. It now remains to produce THE title that will make them enter the big leagues..

1979... the years follow each other but are not necessarily alike at the start of the group's career. As much as the year 1978 was favorable to the group, this one is not really going to be...

1979... they are going to revisit here - and in a very free way - the title of Johnny Rivers dating from 1966. A nice version but which will not benefit them more than that unfortunately...

1980 ... a change of decade which sees the group rise in quality in an obvious way. A first original title which prefigures a year which will prove to be exceptional for the group ...

1980 ... a hallucinating look, a style that is no less so and a typical American sound at the beginning of the 80s. Race results : a first deserved global mega hit. An exuberance that even the English will not be able to match ...

1980 ... the group confirms a talent, certainly completely wacky, but obvious. New hit on the clock, less prestigious than the previous one, but the momentum has been launched, it's clear !

1981 ... new year global mega-hit. The group is establishing himself more and more as a sure value of the moment and confirms, title after title, a truly unique style of its kind...

1981 ... from time to time, the group arises and produces pieces closer to the standards of the time. A little rest does not hurt, on the contrary ...

1981 ... the pass of 3 ! A group which quickly established himself as one of the best of the moment in the USA. A 3rd hit which concludes a beautiful year 1981...

1982...a title which will pass completely under the radar but which it is nevertheless interesting to bring to light. This is also the principle of these articles...

1982 ... little year that this year 1982. Only one title classified as notorious fact of the year. What is certain is that the years change but the wacky side persists !

1983 ... a year 1983 which started again on the hats of wheel, to say the least. Inspiration is at its peak and produces a first big caliber title...

1983 ... 2nd title of vintage 1983 and...2nd biggest success of their career. A literally boosted title, which spins at 200 km/h and works perfectly ! HU-GE !

1984...year mono title and unclassified title. Slight air hole or beginning of a slow but irremediable deceleration ? The future will tell us...

1985...this title will do a little better than its predecessor, but only just. The deceleration is confirmed and it will unfortunately be irreversible...

1985...the deceleration is such that even titles of certain quality manage to pass under the radar. Nothing is going well on planet Devo...

1988 ... then nothing for 3 years. A too long break that will put the group in oblivion. A group that will never be able to find the dynamics of yesteryear again ...

1988...the group continues its adventure, come what may, but only him can believe it. Afterwards, as long as they enjoy doing what they do...

1990 ... the last notorious hit. And again, little hit. Anyway, a career that will have spanned more than 15 years, which is quite remarkable !

1990... so, will this title be the last ? Given the turn of events, it smells more and more scorched as they say...

2007...when we thought the group had been definitively forgotten, here it is back almost 17 years later. Who would have thought that possible...?

2009...the only problem is that their return will not interest many people except the basic fans. It's always better than nothing as they say...

2010...we find the fundamentals of the group on this new opus. An excess that worked perfectly 30 years ago, not really anymore... least they are happy to be back at first sight. The main thing for them is to have fun and who would blame them...

2010...will this title be the last ? No certainty because we know that with them now everything is always possible. To be continued...


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