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The Steve Miller Band is an American group formed in 1966 in San Francisco by singer and guitarist Steve Miller.

Blues player Steve Miller originally formed the group "Goldberg-Miller Blues Band" with Barry Golberg. Group that skims the Chicago clubs and quickly stands out. But Miller prefers to leave the group prematurely to join the "psychedelic" current which was all the rage at that time.

He then created "The Steve Miller Blues Band" which quickly changed its name to take the final.

The first album "Children of the future" was released in 1968 and was only a resounding success.

The album "Sailor" was released the same year and was successful with the Single "Living in the USA".

The album "Brave new world" was released in 1969, followed by the album "Your saving grace" still in 1969 and by "Number 5" in 1970. The 3 will achieve honorable scores in the Charts.

Things will get serious from 1973 when the album "The Joker" is released. Album from which the Single of the same name will be extracted and which will exceed one million copies sold !

It is from this moment that the group begins to play in the big leagues.

We have to wait three more years and the year 1976 to see the release of the album "Fly like an eagle" which will contain no less than 3 hits such as "Take the money and run","Fly like an eagle" and the huge "Rock me".

In 1977 the album "Book of dreams" was released, from which "Jet airliner", "Jungle of love" and "Swington" were taken. The album is a success.

The ultimate consecration will arrive in 1982 with the release of the album "Abracadabra" from which will be extracted the interplanetary hit of the same name.

The adventure will continue thereafter but the level of success achieved by the new opuses will inevitably be of less importance...

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

• Sittin' in circle 1968

• Living in the U.S.A. 1968

• My dark hour 1969

• Don't let nobody turn around 1969

70s Decade :

• Going to the country 1970

• Steve Miller's midnight tango 1970

• Rock love 1971

• Fandango 1972

• The joker 1973

• Your cash ain't nothin' but trash 1974

• Take the money and run 1976

• Rock’n me 1976

• Fly like an eagle 1976

• Jet airliner 1977

80s Decade :

• Heart like a wheel 1981

• Circle of love 1982

• Macho city 1982

• Abracadabra 1982

• Cool magic 1982

• Keeps me wondering why 1982

• Give it up 1982

• Shangri-La 1984

• Bongo bongo 1985

• I want to make the world turn around 1986

• Nobody but you baby 1987

• Ya ya 1988

90s Decade :

• Wide river 1993

• Lost in your eyes 1993

• Perfect world 1993

2010s Decade :

• Hey yeah 2010

• Sweet soul vibe 2010

• Close together 2011

• No more doggin' 2011


Tracks :

1968 ... the very first steps of a group then completely unknown but which will not remain so for a long time...unknown, that's clear !

1968 ... from the first year, they get their first classified hit. Admittedly, there is still a lot of work to do before entering the big leagues, but it starts off quite a bit ... notable rise the following year but the group confirms that he has the potential to do great things...

1969 ... each title that comes out is classified, which further underlines the breakthrough made by the group from its beginnings. Certainly at the bottom of the ranking but that's still it...

1970...after a year 1969 which did not see them take off more than that, the group returned in a certain form in this year 1970 and signed here a first big hit. A rather good omen for the rest of the events...

1970...this one will do less well than its predecessor but the main thing is that the dynamics of success are now in place...

1971...the new decade had started well but the group began to stand still in a way that was surprising to say the least. So this title is going to pass a little 'through'...

1972... ditto for this one. The group will have to get back in hand quickly, otherwise the exit door may arrive faster than expected...

1973...after several years of limited success, here comes finally THE title of the revelation. A huge hit that will propel them One Shot to the rank of planetary stars. HU-GE ! can you compete with the enormous previous steamroller ? Almost impossible mission hence a much lower level of success on the Charts side...

1976...resumption of business at the beginning of 1976. The group will prove in an obvious way that the enormous success encountered with 'The joker' was anything but the result of chance...

1976 ... a 1976 year which turned out to be exceptional thanks to this new title. A title which brings them a new notorious global success !

1976 ... and what about that one. Definitely, an incredible year where the pass of 3 is achieved. New top hit. All 100 % Psychedelic !

1977 ... ZZTOP...? No Steve Miller Band .... The year 1977 will be less prestigious than 1976 but the group continues to garner the hits quietly, but surely

1981 ... then nothing for 4 years. Change of decade and....change of sound. A bad for a good ?

1982... it's the future that will tell us if this musical reorientation will benefit them or not. A mandatory reorientation if they wanted to stay in contact with the best...

1982... for the moment it does not succeed them more than that, it is clear. Let's be a little patient, it could be that the next title proves them pretty damn right...

1982 ... almost 10 years after their first mega hit, here comes the second. An intergalactic hit that definitely consecrates them as one of the major groups of the 20th century. MAS-TER-FUL ! this musical reorientation was well worth it given the level of success achieved by the previous title. This one, on the other hand, will not really know the same fate...

1982...a literally bloated 1982 in terms of titles produced, to say the least. Afterwards, everyone will have had a different destiny in the Charts...

1982...six titles just for this single year 1982, who says better ? The group perfectly mastered its destiny at the beginning of the 80s and it shows, above all it can be heard !

1984...after a blank year in 1983, we find them again in 1984 in what we would call average form. Difficult to repeat the feat achieved during the year 1982...

1985 ... in total delirium mode ! He even wondered if it was the same group. An inspiration to say the least fluctuating and which sees them decline title after title ...

1986 ... now it's only one title a year. This year, the group plays it in Intimist mode and my faith, it works not too bad...

1987...but we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them. Level of productivity in free fall, success at half mast, in short, all the lights turn orange at the end of the decade...

1988 ... the decline increases year after year and nothing and no one can stop it. The group will unfortunately never find the brilliant inspiration of the beginning of the decade again ...

1993 ... a late 80s and early 90s to say the least. Until 1993 and this title, which will be their last notorious success. What better way to end the adventure than to go out through the front door !

1993... end of the adventure in terms of success in the Singles Charts but surely not the end of the adventure at all. Because it will continue afterwards, certainly far, very far, from the high spheres of success, but as long as it continues, isn't that the main thing...?

1993... only one album will be released during this 90s decade so we will have to be satisfied with the little released. It remains to be seen whether the group intends to return or not later...

2010... they will indeed come back but 17 years later and in a musical style very different from the previous one. Not sure that this new musical reorientation is the best way to get them back in the race...

2010 ... only the basic fans will find their account as they say. Because it is not with this kind of sound that the group is likely to attract the younger generations...

2011... too bad because we could have hoped that this comeback would be accompanied by musical innovations that stick well to their time. Sadly, that won't be the case...

2011...after as long as they enjoy doing what they do, why would they change anything ? They are the ones who manage their career as they see fit...


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