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A thin red line...

Glass Tiger, originally called Tokyo, is a Canadian band formed in 1983 in Newmarket and composed of Alan Frew, Sam Reid, Michael Hanson, Al Connelly and Wayne Parker.

The group released their first album "The Thin Red Line" in 1986 and for a first try, it was a masterstroke since the album made a real worldwide hit, especially throughout the Anglo-Saxon sphere. Album from which will be extracted the flagship singles "Thin red line", "Someday" but also, and above all, the enormous "Don’t forget me (When I’m gone)" always the same year. And to a lesser extent “I will be there” which will be released in 1987.

New album "Diamond Sun" two years later in 1988, album with less success than its predecessor. Album that will produce only one major hit with the title "I'm still searching".

Unfortunately, the fall of the group will be as rapid as its rise because anything that comes out afterwards will meet with limited success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Don’t forget me (When I’m gone) 1986

  • Thin red line 1986

  • Someday 1986

  • You’re what I look for 1987

  • I will be there 1987

  • I’m still searching 1988

  • Diamond sun 1988

  • My song 1988

  • Far away from here 1988

  • (Watching) Worlds crumble 1989

  • Animal heart 1991

  • Rhythm of your love 1991

  • My town 1991

  • Rescued (By the arms of love) 1991

  • Touch of your hand 1993

  • I take it back 2012

  • This is your life 2019


Clips :

1986 .... a startling, to say the least, with a first global top hit directly. The group couldn't have asked for a better start. HU-GE !

1986 ... the group confirms with this 2nd title all the good that one could think of them. Even if it will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, it holds up, it's clear

1986 ... a BIG year 1986 with this new top hit to end the year in style. The group connects hits at an impressive speed and it's gone to last !

1987 ... small air gap at the start of 1987. After a totally euphoric 1986, we suspected that the group would have trouble maintaining such a level of success. But at this point, nothing to worry about ...

1987 ... an air gap that will not last long. The group bounces back directly with this title which brings them back to a level of success much more in line with their potential

1988 ... the year 1988 starts again almost on the same bases as the end of the previous year. The group is on a dynamic which continues to carry them in an ideal way !

1988 ... unfortunately, the great adventure will slightly tarnish. After 2 years which have allowed the group to familiarize themselves with the stars, the return to earth will be somewhat violent ...

1988 ... culture shock. A good idea at the base but which will not pay more than that. They will have to pull themselves together quickly ...

1988 ... we thought they were gone to smash it all for years. Unfortunately, the great adventure will have ended much sooner than expected. Hard law of the trade ...

1989 ... only one small title to end this decade. A decade that will have consecrated them then sent back to oblivion. Like many other bands before them ...

1991 ... which does not prevent them from attempting the 90s adventure. And my faith, they will almost succeed in getting back into the race. Of course, success will be limited to Canada, but it's always better than nothing ...

1991 ... a beautiful year 1991 which saw them regain a certain form. We will have to take advantage of it because not sure that it lasts very long ...

1991 ... plethora of titles in 1991 and quality on every level. This group will undoubtedly remain as one of the best of its generation on the Canadian side

1991 ... a year 1991 which never ends and which ends ideally with this nice Intimist title. The group has been good in all areas, the mark of the Greats, as always

1993 ... this time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. An adventure that will have lasted a little less than 10 years and which will have left in the musical history of the 80s a significant number of world class titles. A performance to salute !


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