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A strange but undeniable charm ...

Fatal Charm is an English group from Nottingham. Created in 1978 by Paul Arnall, this group classified rather New Wave will not have known the success of larger classified in the same musical category but will leave in history a trace which one will qualify as interesting. And it is especially the association Paul Arnall with the singer Sarah Simmonds who will produce the most interesting singles. It’s 1984 with the release of the single “Summer Spies” that truly takes them out of the shadows into the light. The title "Images of fire" in 1986 will follow, which will establish their notoriety, followed by "Lucille" in 1987. The second album “This strange Attraction” released in 1990 will even be critically acclaimed. A group to discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Paris 1979

• Western Laughter 1980

• Summer spies 1984

• You know 1985

• King of comedy 1985

• Images of fire 1986

• Lucille 1987


Clips :

1979 ... the very punko-rock beginnings typical of this end 70

1984 ... the HUGE title which will reveal them and which will undoubtedly remain as one of their best titles

1985 ... in great shape and especially between 2 influences. Anyway, an undeniable talent !

1985 ... strong return of rock influences. Not necessarily their best title ... can do much better !

1986 ... a quality rediscovered for a highly inspired track. Like what when they want !

1987 ... the other hit ! Another HUGE title for this group which deserved recognition far higher than it was


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