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A sound of great purity...

STEREO is a French group which was born at the beginning of the 80's and composed of Thierry Noritop, composer and Bernie Adam, Franco-English singer.

It all started in the late 1970s when Thierry Noritop and Bernie Adam teamed up to co-write the latter's album. But Adam's musical style is not the ideal playground for Noritop's unbridled inspiration. The album therefore goes relatively unnoticed.

He then begins to write more trendy things, and especially with a more electronic sound, which will lead to the creation of STEREO.

The year 1982 came and the single "Somewhere in the night" was released. Single which changes the situation and allows the group to record a nice esteem success.

A year later in 1983 released the single "No more", once again of certain quality. Unfortunately, the broadcast remains fairly confidential and does not allow the group to capitalize on the success of "Somewhere in the night".

The year 1985 saw the release of the excellent album "Assembly line", album which produced their last single "Black Jack". And which also contains other very high caliber titles like "Moonshine" as well as the sumptuous "Nowhere in the island".

Unfortunately, this more than certain talented group, which we can undoubtedly call the Daft Punk of the 80s, could not - or could - find the success it deserves for lack of promotion from a record company too cautious ...

But the adventure may not be over ... The band just released a new opus in 2015 that contains their best remixed tracks and some top-notch unreleased tracks. And the least we can say is that the duo have lost nothing, neither in terms of inspiration nor in terms of talent !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Somewhere in the night 1982

  • No more 1983

  • Lover on the run 1985

  • Nowhere in the island 1985

  • Moonshine 1985

  • TV News 1985

  • Devil's answer 1985

  • Then I kissed her 1985

  • Black Jack 1985

  • Waiting in vain 2015

  • Let's get minimal 2015

  • Moving in moving out 2015

  • Spirits 2015

  • I'll go creazy (Turn on the radio) 2015

  • New day downing 2015

  • Flowers on the moon 2018


Clips :

1982 ... a first title of very large caliber which already shows all the potential of the group. And there is potential ! HU-GE !

1983 ... the confirmation of an undeniable talent that went almost completely...unnoticed ! Go figure ...

1985 ... once again proof of this obvious talent with this title which is frankly worth the detour. The group had it all : style, sound, inspiration. He just missed the right Label to make this group one of the best of his generation...

1985 ... which will surely remain as one of their best titles. A track with a sustained rhythm and which nevertheless literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

1985 ... this one is not bad either. A group that would have really deserved a recognition much higher than what it was

1985 ... a limitless inspiration that takes us to the most varied and above all the most astonishing musical regions

1985 ... who could have imagined that they were French ... The style, like the sound, had nothing to envy to the Anglo-Saxons. A group whose international career was marked out. Fate will have decided otherwise ...

1985 ... a somewhat wacky title, but of obvious quality, like everything they have produced. A truly limitless imagination ...

1985 ... a high-class finale to match their possibilities. An adventure that could have, and above all, continued over and over again. Hard law of the trade ...

2015 ... the Phoenix rises from its ashes and gives us the best of its discography in remix version. Too much of the ball !

2015 ... how to make something new with old. You just have to find good old pieces and bring them up to date. And when it's good one day, it's always good !

2015 ... a unique, timeless style that has survived the decades without taking a wrinkle. But they are worth it !

2015 ... a group that produced no waste, a real feat. Each title is inspired and well worth the detour !

2015 ... that, of the spirit, there is in this group, the proof once again with this absolutely sumptuous title. He just missed the little help of fate to propel them to heights of success equivalent to their merits

2015 ... they will have produced a single album during the 1980s but it is clear that there was still a bunch of titles in the drawers. It just goes to show that there was still plenty of material to continue the adventure ...

2015 ... come on, a little last for the road. A group with a particularly ephemeral existence in this decade of 80 but which will have left in the history of the pieces of very large caliber. Just for that, bravo gentlemen !

2018...after years of waiting and undisguised impatience, this time it is indeed there ... But what are we talking about ??? But new STEREO of course ! And I can tell you it's dynamite !! Let go of everything, stop everything, turn off your cell phones and go listen to me right away this little gem, it's an order !


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