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A song for Donny...

The Whispers is an American group formed in 1964 in Watts, California whose original members are the twins Wallace ‘Scotty’ and Walter Scott, joined by Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson and Nicholas Caldwell.

Little is known about this group except that it will place several titles at the top of the Charts during the 70s and 80s including the cult and inescapable "And the beat goes on".

Title that literally ignited all Dancefloor on the planet in 1980 and which remains one of the pure jewels of the funk period to this day.

Other titles will work well including "Rock steady" released in 1987 and which will be their last big major success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• The time will come 1969

• Seems like I gotta do wrong 1970

• Can't help but love you 1972

• I only meant to wet my feet 1972

• A mother for my children 1974

• Where there is love 1974

• One for the money (Part 1) 1976

• Living together (In sin) 1976

• Make it with you 1977

• (Let's go) All the way 1978

• Olivia, Lost and turned out 1978

• Can't do without love 1979

• A song for Donny 1979

• And the beat goes on 1980

• Lady 1980

• My girl 1980

• It’s a love thing 1981

• I can make it better 1981

• This kind of lovin 1981

• In the raw 1982

• Emergency 1982

• Tonight 1983

• Keep on lovin me 1983

• This time 1983

• Contagious 1984

• Some kinda lover 1985

• Hello stranger 1985

• Rock steady 1987

• Just gets better with time 1987

• In the mood 1987

• No pain, no gain 1988

• Innocent 1990

• My heart your heart 1990

• Is it good to you 1991

• I want 2B the 1 4U 1991

• Make sweet love to me 1995

• My my my 1997


Clips :

1969 ... very Sixties debut on a particularly successful Intimist title which shows above all that this group has obvious potential. And the years that follow will prove it vividly !

1970 ... the transition to the 1970s is also done in Intimist mode. A decade that will see them ramp up steadily to explode literally during the 80s

1972 ... at this stage, nothing extraordinary yet, but the group's know-how is obvious. All that remains is to find the little extra that will make all the difference !

1972 ... a mastery of the Intimist domain among the best of the moment. Each title released is a real success, it is undeniable !

1974 ... the group takes a new level with a Dance orientation which allows them to display all their versatility. Pretty good sign for the future !

1974 ... a talent in dance which already allows us to glimpse future great achievements. And great achievements, there will be !

1976 ... the rise is linear, year after year, title after title. So we imagine that the best is to come in the years to come ...

1976 ... that does not prevent the group from frequently returning to its area of predilection, the Intimist, and producing, as always, titles of more than certain quality !

1977 ... the entry into force in the Disco galaxy thanks to this luxury cover of the title of Bread dating from 1970. And my faith, it grooves serious. We immediately see that they have it under the pedal on the rhythmic side and that they only ask to excel in the field !

1978 ... the group now makes Dance their business. A mandatory re-orientation in the late 1970s if they want to stay in the big leagues

1978 ... drive away the natural, it gallops ! They sign here a new Ultimate Slow of very large caliber history not to lose too much the hand. And the result is up again !

1979 ... their level of mastery of the Dance register increases from year to year and approaches Premium quality. It only remains to find THE title that ignites all the Dancefloor ...

1979 ... they put the cover back on the Intimist side to end the decade in style. A last sweet parenthesis before a passage to the 80s which will damn change the fate of the group ...

1980 .... then comes THIS title ! The incredible Dance title that will make them definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s. A title that literally sets fire to all Dancefloor on the planet. Unquestionably one of the biggest Dance hits of this end of the XXth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1980 ... calm down after setting all Dancefloor on fire. Too bad, we would have liked them to continue on this absolutely exceptional dynamic Dance ...

1980 ... nice luxury cover of one of the cult titles of the Temptations dating from 1964. At least, we start again in the Dance register, it's always won !

1981 ... the Dancefloor are on fire again. The group is now at the height of its art and the planetary mega hits follow one another at a supersonic speed !

1981 ... and give us that boss ! Can't stop them now. Their level of inspiration is at its maximum and produces what we do best at the Dance level. All good !

1981 ... the year of Dance. Always as effective, always as precise. High precision work, there are no other words !

1982 ... year after year, mega hits continue to chain at an incredible speed ! Surely one of the most beautiful awards of the decade

1982 ... we can change the year, concerning them, nothing changes. Surely one of the best Funk bands of the decade !

1983 ... and what about that one ! After "And the beat goes on", surely their second best achievement. 1000 % Dance, a Funk monument !

1983 ... flexibility, finesse but also cadence. The Class, the real one ! The group really found the perfect recipe !

1983 ... after an uninterrupted flood of mega Dance hits, it was time to breathe 2 minutes .. And what could be better in these cases than a magnificent Ultimate Slow ...

1984 ... always so groovy ! There is no denying, a formidable efficiency ! We are going back to the dancefloor and it would be really wrong to deprive ourselves of it !

1985 ... new vintage and new mega hit on the board. There is more room to hang them so they will have had ...

1985 ... magnificent duo where they just play supporting roles. Great Lords the little guys. And even when they do not have the lead role, the result is up to it again !

1987 ... already a decade of mega hits and still on top ! But how far will they go ? It must be remembered that they started their career in 1969. A longevity worthy of the Greatest !

1987 ... well there, in any case, it goes on and on. And they are good at all tempos. Mind-blowing !

1987 ... in the Ultimate Slow category, when there is more, there is more ! But who would complain when we see what they have to offer !

1988 ... we tell ourselves that at some point, they will run out of steam and pass their hand ... What the hell ! And it lasts, and it lasts, and it lasts. To our greatest delight !

1990 ... they will have crossed the decade 60, then 70, then 80, and here they are again in 90. Aliens, there are no other words to describe them !

1990 ... never out of fashion, always in tune with the times ! Longevity at this very rare level and reserved exclusively for the very best !

1991 ... again and again very large Ultimate Slow. Almost the Masters in the matter ...

1991 ... they will have known how to adapt to all fashions, all trends and all styles. Once again, the Class, the real one !

1995 ... little air hole of 4 years and they are back in great shape in this year 1995. Last title ? Hum, hum, you never know with them ...

1997 ... we end in style with this luxury cover of the title Johnny Gill dating from 1990. We started the story very gently, we finish it the same way. The circle is complete. But what a beautiful loop !


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