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A slight touch of fantasy...

Fancy, whose real name is Manfred Perilano, is a German singer who will remain in the musical history of the 80s as one of the biggest suppliers of Italo Disco tubes.

He started his career under the name of Tess Teiges but it was with the name of Fancy and the title "Slice me nice" that he experienced his first major success in 1984.

He will know his biggest successes with titles like "Bolero (Hold me in your arms again", "Lady of ice", "Chinese eyes" and other "Flames of love". Titles made in collaboration with Anthomy Monn, well known at the time to have signed most of Amanda Lear's hits.

He will also have written many titles for other sizes of the Italo Disco, including Grant Miller, Linda Jo Rizzo, Marc Buchner, The Hurricanes, Mozzart…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Slice me nice 1984

  • Chinese eyes 1984

  • Get lost tonight 1984

  • Check it out 1985

  • Bolero (Hod me in your arms again) 1985

  • Lady of ice 1986

  • Latin fire 1987

  • China blue 1987

  • Flames of love 1988

  • Fools cry 1988

  • No tears 1989

  • Angel eyes 1989

  • Deep blue sky 1996

  • Prince of darkness 1998


Clips :

1984 ... a totally surreal clip for a first 1000 % Italo-Disco title. Kitsch at will but extremely effective with the key a first success

1984 ... things start to get thicker. The rise in power is linear and allows the artist to become one of the biggest Italo-Disco references of the moment

1984 ... well, on the music side, it holds up. But on the clip side, it's still just as much, but So 80's !

1985 ... change of vintage but not necessarily its best vintage of the decade, that's clear. It is true that in Italo-Disco, there is really everything and anything ...

1985 ... we finish the year better than we started, that's already it. Anyway, overall, what he produces holds water, it's clear !

1986 ... a transition title before the big fireworks. Things are now well in place and to unfold, it will unfold !

1987 ... the tube machine starts to run at full speed. The singer is now at cruising speed and you can hear it !

1987 ... which will surely remain one of his best titles. Not necessarily the highest ranked but surely one of the most inspired, it's clear !

1988 ... another title So Italo Disco. He will remain as one of the undisputed and incontestable Masters in this field, that's for sure !

1988 ... as an aftertaste of Hi-NRG. Passage required for any artist who wishes to stick to the latest trends of the moment ...

1989 ... well, this time, it is indeed Hi-NRG. Typical of this end of decade and my faith, in this area, he is not ridiculous either, it is clear

1989 ... another quality title to end the decade in style. An 80s decade that saw him hatch and then explode. Not sure that the following decade will be as favorable for him ...

1996 ... a decade of the 90s who saw him doing mostly some figuration. What he continues to offer is far from being ridiculous but the competition is now light years away ...

1998 ... come on, a little last for the road. An adventure that was however beautiful and dense for one of the leading figures of Italo Disco


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