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A night with them that we will never forget ...

Shalamar is an American group created by Dick Griffey, famous agent of the TV show R&B Soul Train and Simon Soussan, producer of his state. Their first title, Motley hit medley, was released in 1977 but was only relatively successful, as the musicians were still little known at the time. It’s on Soul Train that Griffey discovers those who will later become Shalamar’s first singers : Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniels and Gerald Brown. It was with "Take that to the Bank" in 1978 and "The second time" in 1979 that sales soared. 1982 will see the exit of the planetary hit "A night to remember" which will ignite all the dancefloor of the planet and surely remains to this day their most known title. Followed in 1983 by "Dead giveaway" which in turn will delight all nightclubs in France and Navarre. Watley and Daniels left the group in 1983, replaced by Delisa Davis and Micki Free in 1984. However, these departures did not prevent Shalamar from obtaining the Grammy Award, the ultimate award, for the title "Don't Get Stopped" in the same year. 1987 will unfortunately be the year of the group’s explosion. Shalamar will undoubtedly remain one of the best disco-funk bands and amply deserves his place in the Pantheon of the Big 80’s. Discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Uptown festival 1977

• Ohh baby, baby 1977

• Take that to the bank 1978

• The second time around 1979

• Right in the socket 1980

• I owe you one 1980

• Full of fire 1980

• Make that move 1981

• This is for the lover in you 1981

• A night to remember 1982

• I can make you feel good 1982

• There it is 1982

• Friends 1982

• Dead giveaway 1983

• Over and over 1983

• You can count on me 1984

• Dancing in the sheets 1984

• My girl loves me 1985

• Games 1987


Clips :

1977 ... the beginnings of 100 % Disco, 1 000 % Disco, 10 000 % Disco

1977 ... at the start, a very large Ultimate Slow. Well, it promises all that !

1978 ... back to the basics Disco, a favorite area where they provide serious. We already feel the full potential of the group. And there are !

1979 ... in the same vein. A beautiful end of decade which allows them to establish themselves as one of the biggest Dance values of the moment

1980 ... change of decade, change of style, change of sound. Welcome to the Funky Music Galaxy !

1980 ... as much as the previous piece straddled 2 sound periods, as much for that one, there is no photo. Now it's 100 % Funk !

1980 ... a group that now masters its environment perfectly and that connects tube on tube

1981 ... an obvious rise in power where we feel the beginnings of the future big hits of the 80s

1981 ... after the Ultimate Slow version 70, here is their 80s version. A compulsory passage for any self-respecting International Class group

1982 ... then this title arrives ! A HUGE Dance title that will set fire to all Dancefloor on the planet and make them definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... another title of very large caliber which confirms the incredible talent of this decidedly extraordinary group

1982 ... an exceptional year which saw them produce no less than 4 hits. The group is at the height of its possibilities

1982 ... surely one of the best Funk sound of the moment if not the best. This song alone sums up all the special sound atmosphere of this early decade

1983 ... new HUGE hit ! What will surely remain one of their best titles if not the best. This group is a real war machine !

1983 ... new multi-hit year that ends in style with this groovy title

1984 ... new sweet break to catch your breath after this surge of Dance hits

1984 ... their last major hit but not the last hit. They still have a little under the pedal !

1985 ... well, this time, we are indeed close to the end. But what a career. Surely one of the most beautiful Dance discography of the whole 80's

1987 ... a little last for the road story of. Will not remain as their best title but we will largely be satisfied ...


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