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A nice town called Champaign...

Champaign is an American band formed in the early 1980s and originally composed of Pauli Carman, Michael Day, Dana Walden, Leon Reeder, Michael Reed and Rocky Maffit. The name of the group would simply be a reference to the locality "Champaign" (in Illinois) where the members are said to be from.

They had their first hit in 1981 with the title "How‘ bout us", taken from the eponymous album. Single that will be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

They did it again in 1983 with the release of the album "Modern Heart", an album that produced the hit single "Try again". Less successful but success nonetheless.

They will experience a last major success in 1984 with the album "Woman in flames" which contains the flagship track "Off and love".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • How 'bout us 1981

  • Can you find the time 1981

  • I’m on fire 1981

  • Try again 1983

  • Let your body rock 1983

  • Off and on love 1984

  • This time 1984

  • Intimate strangers 1984

  • All my love 1990


Clips :

1981 ... an amazing first single that will surely remain as one of the most beautiful Ultimate Slows of the decade. What a start !

1981 ... a much more Dance sequel, with a certain quality but which will go almost unnoticed. We go from one extreme to another ...

1981 ... we start again in the Intimist register but the group definitely does not manage to repeat the feat. It's not for lack of trying ...

1983 ... after a blank year 1982, they are back together again and eager to return to success. It's done with this new particularly inspired Ultimate Slow !

1983 ... suddenly it's Dance, suddenly it's Intimist register. Sometimes it works, sometimes less. On this one, it will be less ...

1984 ... their last major success. And yes, already ! The group's cumulative career will only span 4 short years ...

1984 ... another Ultimate Slow, one more. But of quality, as always. A constant with them !

1984 ... not the masterpiece of the year, it's clear but you can listen to it all the same, to say the least

1990 ... well, there is a 6-year break. A furtilf return, once again of quality but not necessarily a winner. A change of decade that will not allow them to return to the race unfortunately ...


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