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A most modern Cinderella...

Lory Bianco, also known as Bonnie Bianco, is an Italian-American singer who started her artistic career at the age of 10 by performing in musicals, fairs, retirement homes, hospitals and other competitions of beauty. All under the guidance of his mother.

Things picked up in 1975 when she recorded the song "Give me a minute" in a duet with… her sister Holly. Followed a year later by the single "Teenager in love", this time solo. Without more success.

It was not until the beginning of the 1980s that 2 Italian producers, the De Angelis brothers, took an interest in her following a tele-hook and made her sign her first real contract. That's when she took the name Bonnie Bianco.

His professional debut took place from 1983 to 1985 on one of the biggest Italian Saturday night variety shows called Al Paradise. Program where she sings and dances there and which allows her to gain notoriety.

She also turns in 1983 in the film Cinderella 80, a modern adaptation of the film Cinderella. Alongside a certain… Pierre Cosso, particularly known in France for his role in La Boum 2.

In parallel with her film career, she released several albums such as "Bonnie Bianco" in 1982, "Cenerentola '80" in 1983, "Un' americana a Roma" 1985, "Molly 'O" still in 1985. None will meet the expected success.

In 1987, the film Cinderella 80 became a series called Cinderella 87, where she still played with Pierre Cosso. The series is becoming a real phenomenon, especially in Germany where the couple is causing a sensation.

A magical duo which sings on the title "Stay" also in 1987, title which will make a real success in the Germanic sphere (Germany, Autrice, Switzerland…). Success confirmed, this time solo, with the titles “My first love” and “Miss you so” coming out the same year. A particularly prolific year 1987 with 3 new albums "Stay", "Rhapsody" and "Just me".

New success in 1989 with the title "A cry in the night" taken from the album "True love", album released under the name of Lory ‘Bonnie’ Bianco… A major success which will unfortunately be his last.

The album "Lonely is the night" which will be released in 1990 will be a real flop, almost permanently burying the singer's career.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Stay 1987

  • My first love 1987

  • Miss you so 1987

  • The heart is a lonely hunter 1987

  • When the price is your love 1988

  • Straight from your heart 1989

  • A cry in the night 1989

  • Hold on 1989

  • Heartbraker 1990

  • Lonely is the night 1990

  • Talking eyes 1992


Clips :

1987 ... after having turned the heart of Sophie Marceau, here is Pierre Cosso to assault the pretty Bonnie. Well, how many will he take like that ...

1987 ... an Intimist estate that she seems to like at first sight. After the Cosso episode, she sets the scene again in the same area and my faith, it is rather not bad all that !

1987 ... she feels so good in this area that she never comes out of it. And for now, it succeeds since she is already in the 3rd hit. Hope it lasts ...

1987 ... and suddenly the tempo accelerates astoundingly. Here she is in the Dance register and the least we can say is that it pulsates !

1988 ... halfway between Dance and Intimist. And why not, especially when it works pretty well like that. What is certain is that for the moment, the little one holds up !

1989 ... again high-level Intimist, an area in which she feels particularly comfortable, that's clear. But too much Intimist kills the Intimist, beware of the overdose ...

1989 ... Ultimate Slow that holds up, and surely one of its best, no one can dispute it. But she is marginalized more and more by wanting to remain tirelessly in a single musical field. The public ends up getting tired ...

1989 ... finally, change. She is finally returning to Dance and even if this title will not be the mega hit of the year, at least she offers us a different side of her. And it feels good !

1990 ... a 360° turn which is confirmed with this new title Dance. The pretty Lory tries to adapt to new musical trends and my faith, the result is not that bad

1990 ... chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. We set off again in the Intimist, but at an accelerated speed. It's better than nothing ...

1992 ... between two waters. A nice title to end the adventure in style of an artist who will not have remained as the most famous of the decade but who will have left in the musical history of the 80s several titles of great caliber


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