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Wax is a duo composed of the American singer-songwriter Andrew Gold and the guitarist of the english group 10CC Graham Gouldman.

The adventure begins for them when the 10CC group separates in 1983 and they decide to compose together.

They will produce a first single "Don’t break my heart" under the group name of "World in Action". Then a second single "Victoria" this time under the group name of "Common Knowledge". None of the singles will work.

They finally find their style in the following years and things accelerate seriously from 1986 when they take the name of "Wax".

They will produce 3 albums of good quality between 1986 and 1989 and know their biggest success in 1987 with the enormous hit "Bridge to your heart".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Don’t break my heart 1984

  • Victoria 1985

  • Ball and chain 1985

  • Shadows of love 1986

  • Right Between the Eyes 1986

  • Systematic 1986

  • In some other world 1986

  • Bridge to your heart 1987

  • American English 1987

  • Wherever you are 1989

  • Anchors aweigh 1989

Clips :

1984 ... a first soft track to run the duo gently. But there is still work, it is obvious. But Rome was not built in one day as they say ...

1985 ... softness, a guideline that predominates for their beginnings. Unfortunately, it all starts with a good feeling but it doesn't pay for the moment ...

1985 ... no more sweets, the tempo suddenly accelerates. But they may try everything, when it does not want, it does not want. They will have to wait a little longer to obtain a first major success ...

1986 ... the group gradually finds its style. Hits of high caliber are on the horizon considering what they offer now, it is obvious

1986 ... and the first major success, here it is. After several unsuccessful attempts, they are finally rewarded at the height of their respective talents. It was time !

1986 ... a title which will pass somewhat under the radars but with certain quality. It would therefore have been frankly a shame not to talk about it ...

1986 ... this year rhymes with rhythm, from the beginning to the end ! Unfortunately, this year does not necessarily mean guaranteed success from start to finish. This title will pass through ...

1987 ... then comes THIS title. A HUGE title that will finally consecrate them and make them definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s. Here they simply sign one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... on this one, tempo side, we went straight up a notch to reach the speed of sound. But you shouldn't mix speed and precipitation. Which would be more the case with this title there ...

1989 ... we almost almost finished the adventure as we started, smoothly...and in the depths of the Charts. Fortunately, the following title will save the furniture ...

1989 ... come on, this time, it is indeed the end ! An end that rhymes all the same with last success. It's already that !

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