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A man and a woman...

Lime is a group of Quebecois origin formed in the early 80s by Denis and Denyse LePage. A group that will stay in history mainly for 2 titles. The one who revealed them in 1981, namely "Your love". But it is especially the now intergalactic tube "Babe we’re gonna love tonight", single released in 1982, which will reveal them in the eyes of the public. Group which will also stand out for its album covers or very 80's singles, namely flashy fluorescent color, specially drawn with an airbrush by "Studio Graffiti" in a refined and geometric style. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• The Break 1979 (Kat Mandu)

• Your love 1981

• You’re my magician 1981

• Babe we’re gonna love tonight 1982

• Wake dream 1982

• Come and get your love 1982

• A man and a woman 1982

• It's you 1982

• Angel eyes 1983

• Guilty 1983

• I don't wanna lose you 1984

• My love 1984

• Don't you wanna do it 1984

• Say you love me 1985

• Unexpected lovers 1985

• Do your time on the planet 1985

• Take the love 1986

• Gold digger 1987

• Cutie pie 1988

• Please say you will (Be my bay) 1988

• Sentimentally yours 1989

• Caroline 1991

• How do you feel 1998

• Superstar 1998

• Don't let it get you down 1998

• No other love (I need it bad) 2002

• This is my life 2002

• Love me (Don't ever go) 2002


Clips :

1979 ... first major success for Denis Lepage under the pseudonym Kat Mandu. A success which allows him to make a remarkable entry on the international Dance scene and to prepare a suite which promises to be huge ...

1981 ... the shattering debut of the duo with a first hit which propels them One Shot to the rank of planetary stars. For a first try, it is a master stroke. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... difficult to compete with the previous road roller. And what follows on the horizon looks even more petty. How to exist in this case there ...

1982 ... the interplanetary hit which consecrates them definitively. HUGE title that sets fire to all Dance Floor on the planet and which will remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, if not of the end of the XXth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1982 ... a group with obvious talent and which, title after title, stands out as one of the sure values of the moment on the Dance side. Good job !

1982 ... an absolutely exceptional year 1982 which saw them go from top hit to top hit. Inspiration is at its peak and undoubtedly makes them one of the phenomena of the moment

1982 ... in an ocean of Dance hits, this title suddenly arrives. Amazing Intimist title which shows that they can also play in this category. And they are far from being ridiculous !

1982 ... a year 1982 which does not end and which produces title on title. No waste, only quality. A group at the height of its art !

1983 ... after an absolutely exceptional year 1982, the year 1983 will offer a somewhat different face. We stay in the Dance register but the quality has gone down a notch ...

1983 ... we can sense that the great inspiration that had allowed them to produce several exceptional hits has gone somewhat. But the level is still very correct !

1984 ... the year 1984 seems a little more inspired. Unfortunately, the year 1983 caused the group to drop out and it will be extremely difficult for him to get back into the lead pack

1984 ... the group finds new life and the quality of the titles produced is affected. Too bad there was this air gap the previous year ...

1984 ... a year 1984 that has some nice surprises in store and that above all shows that the group still has some under the pedal. For how much longer ?

1985 ... the group continues its adventure worth it. Even if the summit of the Charts is no more than memories, that does not prevent them from continuing to believe in it. Respect !

1985 ... we are slowly but surely approaching the end of the adventure. An adventure which nevertheless allowed them to produce several hits including 1 of anthology. What to be proud of !

1985 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. They still have some left in the boxes and they plan to take advantage of it !

1986 ... one would have thought that the mass was said but here they are again in great shape. They deliver here a title which largely holds the road. One more !

1987 ... yes, the production of titles has dropped considerably, but they are still there, faithful to the job. They cling, they cling !

1988 ... and my faith, what they offer us still largely holds the road. Competition is far ahead, but they are far from being ridiculous

1988 ... a beautiful year 1988 with a plethora of titles. And quality, which does not spoil anything. An adventure that never ends ...

1989 ... who could have imagined that they would still be there at the end of this decade ? Not many people and yet. Always faithful to the post !

1991 ... they will even allow the passage to the following decade. It is clear that they are trying to adapt, which is to their credit. But at this stage, the competition is already light years ahead ...

1998... that will not prevent them from continuing the adventure. Admittedly, 7 years will pass between this title and the previous one, but here they are again, and that's the main thing !

1998...especially since they knew how to adapt perfectly to the latest musical trends of the moment. This allows them to stay a little bit in the race... still have to remember that the duo started almost 20 years ago. While most of those who started at the same time as them have already hung up their gloves, they continue to exist in any case...

2002...they will have gone through the 70s, then the 80s, then the 90s and here they are, proudly beginning this new decade of the 2000s. Who would have thought that possible...?

2002... not to mention that they are far from being ridiculous, which does not spoil anything. They will have known how to cross eras and fashions with an ease that is impressive to say the least...

2002... normally, this title should be the last one. Normally because with them you have to know that nothing is ever finished so it is not certain that we will not find them later...


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