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A little kiss of the furious ?

Kiss is an American group formed in 1973 in New York by the duo Paul Stanley (real name Stanley Harvey Eisen) and Gene Simmons (real name Chaim Witz).

They are quickly joined by Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.

To stand out, they have the brilliant idea of ​​adopting a hyper provocative look based on characters from Comics. Gene Simmons becomes the demon, Paul Stanley the star child, Ace Frehley the space man and Peter Criss the cat man.

The beginnings are difficult.

And it is the meeting with Neil Bogart of Casablanca Records that will change everything.

The group released their first album in 1974. Without real success.

It was a tour across the country that changed everything in the course of 1975. The group used an impressive number of special effects during their concerts thus creating a "buzz". In a few weeks, the group becomes a phenomenon.

The album "Destroyer" was released in 1976 and is a hit, thanks in particular to titles like "Beth" which sold over a million copies.

Then come out "Rock and Roll over", always the same year. Then "Love gun" in 1977.

But Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are experiencing more and more drug and alcohol problems.

The tour that follows is mind-blowing in terms of special effects.

And it’s the year 1979 that will definitively make history with the release of the cult "I was made for lovin you" from the album "Dynasty".

But the "Kiss Mania" turns into buffoonery.

Fans of the premiere can no longer be found at all, the group is undermined by incessant quarrels.

Several albums will be released in the following years but the decline is inexorable and the gradual disappearance from the radar will be irremediable...

Kiss will have deeply marked the 70s and 80s, as much by their delirious shows as by their incredible costumes and make-ups.

A model rarely equaled since !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Kissin' time 1974

• Rock and roll all nite 1975

• Shout it out loud 1976

• Flaming youth 1976

• Detroit rock city 1976

• Beth 1976

• Hard luck woman 1976

• Calling Dr. love 1977

• Christine sixteen 1977

• Love gun 1977

• Then she kissed me 1977

• Rocket ride 1978

• I was made for lovin you 1979

• Sure know something 1979

• Shandi 1980

• Talk to me 1980

• A world without heroes 1981

• I love it loud 1982

• Lick it up 1983

• Heaven’s on fire 1984

• Tears are falling 1985

• Crazy crazy nights 1987

• Reason to live 1987

• Turn on the night 1988

• Let's put the X in sex 1988

• Hide your heart 1989

• Forever 1990

• Rise to it 1990

• God gave rock'n'roll to you II 1991

• Unholy 1992

• Everytime I look at you 1992

• Jungle 1997

• Psycho circus 1998

• We are one 1998

• I finally found my way 1998

• You wanted the best 1998

• Modern day Delilah 2009

• Say yeah 2009

• Never enough 2010

• Hell or Hellelujah 2012

• Long way down 2012

• Yume no ukiyo ni saite mi na 2015


Clips :

1974 ... the furious come down ! And what is certain is that with them it will beat hard ! The tone is set immediately with this first title ...

1975 ... the group is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Just like the level of success. Time takes time...

1976 ... the first major hit. The group found his style, this look and the sound that go well. They just have to unroll ...

1976 ... there is still a bit of consolidation work because the level of success nevertheless fluctuates significantly between each title

1976 ... this one will do little better than its predecessor. It beats hard, it's clear. They must not forget that a minimum of melody does nothing harm, on the contrary ...

1976 ... the calm between two storms ... Like any good Hard band, they have the knack to come out of nowhere Ballades of very large caliber. And this one is particularly successful !

1976 ... plethora of titles in this year 1976, to say the least. As soon as they structure the melody for a while, success follows in stride

1977 ... the calm could not last. And it starts again thoroughly with a sound and a style that have nevertheless gained in quality

1977 ... their average level rises year after year but they still do not manage to hit the jackpot. We will have to be a little more patient ...

1977 ... and it is not this title which will accelerate the process. They remain in a fairly fixed musical scheme which prevents them for the moment from going to the stars ...

1977 ... they even allow themselves to do in the luxury cover by taking this title from the Crystals dating from 1963. Unfortunately, the copy will not have the same level of success as the original ...

1978 ... nothing very new in this new year. The group remains brash with its fundamentals and ensures the minimum union. It will therefore be minimal success in the Charts ...

1979 ... then comes THIS title ! They simply sign here one of the biggest Dance hits of all time, in a style which however hardly lends itself to it. A title which makes them enter One Shot into legend and which literally explodes their notoriety. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... we feel that there has been a real work on style and melodies and inevitably, it pays. The group connects tops hits with ease now disconcerting ...

1980 ... the furious have calmed down a bit, it's obvious. The basics are still rock but there is an obvious pop that goes in the right direction. Are they really the same ?? Yes Yes...

1980 ... as soon as they go back to their basic style, the dropout in the Charts is immediate. They will have to understand it once and for all ...

1981 ... nice ballad, amazing isn't it ? Definitely and as paradoxical as it may seem, they provide particularly in this area

1982 ... the group is doing quite well in the new decade and manages to adapt to the new musical trends of the moment. While keeping its fundamentals ...

1983 ... Kiss Season 2 has just started. No more funny faces and outrageous make-up, the group is back in line and the least we can say is that it benefits it rather well

1984 ... an adaptation to the new standards which continue to pay given the level of success achieved by this title. They understood all the little guys !

1985 ... already 10 years among the elite, the group has something to be proud of. One would have thought that the 1980s would not be really favorable to them. That neni, it's just the opposite that happens...

1987 ... exceptionally, nothing will happen in 1986. Anyway, they come back in great shape in this year 1987 and get a new top hit with this title with more than certain quality. Impossible to stop them !

1987 ... the group knew how to adapt perfectly to its time and remains in the leading pack with disconcerting ease. A longevity reserved exclusively for the best !

1988 ... a bit windy start to the year 1988 with a group that goes back to its pure and hard rock bases. But each time during this 80s decade they pay the cash price ...

1988 ... a year 1988 which was quite disappointing in the end. The group ensures the minimum and plays in ease, which sends them back to the depths of the Charts ...

1989 ... paradoxically, what did not work in 1988 will work the following year. They stay on a rock base which this time succeeds rather well. But it is true that musical trends are changing again at the end of this decade ...

1990 ... they will have crossed the decade 70, then the decade 80 and here they are attacking the decade 90 without any complex. A trust that pays and allows them to continue the adventure quietly, but above all serenely ...

1990 ... the titles follow each other but do not necessarily look alike. This title will not have quite the same level of success as its predecessor ...

1991 ... the great adventure continues. New top hit thanks to this title with soft force, a subtle mixture which allows them to show once again that they are good in all areas

1992 ... when it beats a little too loud, the public does not follow. Each time they pay a high price but that does not prevent them from starting again history to see if the mentalities would not have changed. Not really unfortunately ...

1992 ... a nice ballad, surprising coming from them, and which will unfortunately know only a very limited success. Pity...

1997 ... then almost nothing for 5 years. This time, it really begins to feel the end. We suspected that this would necessarily happen one day when the other ...

1998 ... nothing is ever completely finished, the proof with this title which allows them to return once again to the race in a brilliant way. Well, for how long, that is something else ...

1998 ... the last hit of the decade. An endless adventure that allows them to surprise us year after year, decade after decade. Because they will even allow themselves the luxury of returning once again the following decade ...


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