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A limitless Imagination ...

Imagination is an English group created in 1981 and made up of a trio of Leee John, singer, Ashley Ingram, guitarist / bassist and Errol Kennedy on percussion.

The name "Imagination" would have been chosen as the group name in homage to John Lennon.

It all starts when they send a model to the Jolley & Swain Producers.

A model that bears the name of… “Body talk”.

The model immediately turns into a single released in April 1981 and is a real success with 250,000 copies sold.

The same year, the singles “In and out of love” and “Flashback” were released, both from their first album “Body talk”.

And 1982 saw the release of the enormous and intergenerational planetary hit "Just an illusion", which will rank number 2 in sales, followed by "Music and lights", number 5 in sales, followed by "Changes", with much more modest success.

These single being extracted from the second album "In the heat of the night".

Other albums will follow thereafter which will never reach the level of the previous ones.

The group will eventually separate in 1992.

Imagination will stay in history in more ways than one.

Both by the mind-blowing outfits of these members, often bordering on caricature.

Only by the number of planetary hits they could have produced.

Planetary hits that have not aged a bit and which are still essential standards for any event organizer who wants to be successful ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Body talk 1981

• In and out of love 1981

• Flashback 1981

• So good so right 1982

• Just an illusion 1982

• Music and lights 1982

• In the heat of the night 1982

• Burning up 1982

• Changes 1982

• Looking at midnight 1983

• New dimension 1983

• State of love 1984

• This means war (Shoo Be Doo Da Dabba Doobee) 1984

• Thank you my love 1984

• Found my girl 1985

• Last days of summer 1985

• Sunshine 1986

• The last time 1987

• I know what love is 1987

• Instinctual 1988

• Hold me in your arms 1988

• Love's taking over 1989

• I like it 1990

• Call on me 1991


Clips :

1981 ... the shattering start of 3 aliens who will become one of the major groups of the decade, and of this very end of the XXth century. With this Intimist debut title absolutely sublime, which immediately gives the incredible level of their talent. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... they immediately confirm all the good that we think of them and already assert themselves as one of the biggest musical phenomenon of the moment

1981 ... the tube factory is up and running ! And nothing and no one will be able to stop it !

1982 ... that's really good, it's clear ! A sumptuous title that shows the full extent of their talent once again. A talent as formidable in the Intimist as in Dance, an extremely rare skill and especially reserved exclusively for the very best !

1982 ... then this title arrives ! The group here simply signs one of the biggest hits of the 80s, and at the same time one of the biggest Dance hits of all time. The madness Imagination is literally unleashed on all Dancefloor around the world. A title that remains to this day one of the essential hits of any Dance party organizer. MAS-TER-PIECE !

1982 ... they reoffend in stride with a mega hit almost as huge as the previous one. The group is one on a truly amazing dynamic that leaves only crumbs to the competition. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... new show of force in the 'emotional' register. Unlimited inspiration that produces exceptional hits on exceptional hits. HU-GE !

1982 ... an exceptional year 1982 with 5 planetary hits including 4 mega, just that. This title will be the 'small' hit of the lot, that is to say the level reached by the group !

1982 ... the pass of 5 ! Each title released immediately turns into solid gold. Even, given their level of the moment, we could even speak of 24K diamonds as they touch almost sublime !

1983 ... we suspected that it would be almost impossible for them to match the year 1982 in terms of exceptional titles produced. The year 1983 will inevitably be a notch below. But a notch below for them is the notch above for all the others ...

1983 ... they invented a new dimension, that is indisputable. As I said above, real aliens !

1984 ... the mutation phase. An inspiration that weakens, a sound that evolves, a group that is looking for himself, it's obvious ...

1984 ... the level remains high, it is indisputable, but it is no longer Premium quality. The boys will have to pull themselves together quickly if not it's the guaranteed dropout ...

1984 ... very nice, but where did the musical genius of the previous years go ? The dreaded dropping out is now a real thing ...

1985 ... all smoothness and finesse but nothing more. Well, we will have to settle for it now. The group joined ordinary people. What a pity...

1985 ... and yet it's not for lack of trying. They are far from being ridiculous but when it no longer wants, it no longer wants. The slightest gap in inspiration is paid cash in this decade 80

1986 ... a single title year, an extremely rare event for them. In addition with a title that spins at 200 km/h, why not tell me. But whatever the speed, now it's a second-class hit for all the titles that come out. The public has indeed moved on ...

1987 ... they still believe in it but there is much more than them to believe it. We can not fault them because the quality is always in order. But the competition is already light years ahead ...

1987 ... the level is really no longer enough to hope to remain at the level of the best. The group sinks slowly but surely and it is irreversible ...

1988 ... a pity that the group regains its fundamentals just before disappearing ... Come on, let's take advantage anyway !

1988 ... they haven't quite disappeared yet but it's just like. The heart is no longer there and you can feel it. At least, that means ...

1989 ... they are trying desperately to join the 90s but it's a waste of time. They will get there, sure. But under what conditions...

1990 ... when we remember what they proposed almost 10 years ago, it hurts for them, it's clear. It's time for the adventure to end ...

1991 ... too much is too much, this time, it is indeed the end. The adventure was still exceptional with a plethora of exceptional hits and that, nobody can ever take them away !


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