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A group who counts...

Balance is an American group formed in 1980 in New York by Peppy Castro, who will be joined by Bob Kulick and Doug Katsaros. A Peppy Castro who was previously part of another band called Blues Magoos.

A first eponymous album was released in 1981, an album which produced their first big planetary success, namely “Breaking away”. Followed by little "Falling in love" which will also be popular with the public.

The real consecration came a year later in 1982 when the album "In for the count" was released, from which the single of the same name was to be extracted. A single that will be a hit worldwide and remains to this day undoubtedly one of the most iconic hits of the decade.

An enormous success that will not be able to benefit the group, which will be unable to repeat the feat thereafter and will eventually disappear slowly, but surely. And his resurrection in the 2000s will not change that.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Breaking away 1981

  • Falling in love 1981

  • American dream 1981

  • I'm through loving you 1981

  • Hot summer nights 1981

  • Slow motion 1982

  • Is it over 1982

  • In for the count 1982

  • Ride the wave 1983

  • She's alone tonight 1983


Clips :

1981 ... a nice, light and playful debut. Nothing fancy but a good job, what more could you ask for

1981 ... a nice Intimist track which shows all the versatility of the group. This group has really talent and shows it title after title

1981 ... from one extreme to another. After the softness, here comes the boost mode. Decidedly, this group has the gift of surprising and especially of varying the pleasures as they say !

1981 ... in the same vein. It's rare for a band to vary styles and tempos so much. Astonishing and original ...

1981 ... a group which will have remained little known in the end but which would have really deserved a recognition much higher than what it was

1982 ... the year 1982 confirms all the good that one could think of them. Inspiration, talent, in short, everything you need to produce songs of obvious quality

1982 ... well, it's true that at times things go so fast that we have trouble following them. But whatever the speed of the tempo, if inspiration follows, everything follows !

1982 ... then THIS title comes ! The title of consecration, the one that will offer them their direct ticket to posterity. The group simply signs here one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. I told you that their talent was obvious. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... a most ephemeral adventure which lasted only 3 short years. But no matter how long, quality is better than quantity, which is the case with this group !

1983 ... come on, a little last for the road. Not necessarily the most famous American group of the 1980s but one of the most talented, that's for sure


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