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A girl like no other...

Fabienne Thibeault is a singer-songwriter from Quebec who started her artistic career in 1972 by participating in the Festival de la chanson de Granby. Festival which she won two years later in 1974.

A launching ramp that enabled her to sign two years later in 1976 with the Kébec Disque label, with which she released her first album "De Laine et de Bois", followed in 1977 by "La vie d'astheure".

But it was especially four years later in 1978 that her career suddenly took to heights that she would never have suspected when she joined the cast of a small musical called ... Starmania. She thus takes on the role of Marie-Jeanne, a role that will allow her to interpret absolutely sumptuous titles such as "Un garçon pas comme les autres, "Les uns contre les autres", "La complainte de la serveuse automate" but also, and above all, the sublime "Le monde est stone". Remarkable and noticed services which literally explode its notoriety overnight.

Great launch pad that will impressively boost his solo career. Allowing her to string together albums at the start of the 1980s such as “Fabienne Thibault” in 1981, “Le blues à Fabienne” and “Les champs Aimés” in 1982, “Cœur Voyageur” in 1983 and “Les champs Aimés Vol 2” »In 1984. Albums that allow her to record several notorious hits on the single side.

With the highlight of his duet with Richard Cocciante in 1985 on the title "Question de feeling", a title that will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest hits of that year.

The sequel will unfortunately prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected with obvious difficulty in adapting to the new musical standards of the late 1980s. With the consequence of a gradual disappearance of the media scene in the years that followed.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Chez nous 1976

  • Le monde est stone 1978

  • Un garçon pas comme les autres 1978

  • Les uns contre les autres 1978

  • La complainte de la serveuse automate 1978

  • Chanson d’a nous deux 1979

  • J’irai jamais sur ton island 1980

  • Conversation téléphonique 1980

  • Le gout du miel 1981

  • Prix d’amis 1981

  • Secrétaire de star 1982

  • Faut que j’t’oublie 1985

  • Question de feeling 1985

  • Ma mère chantait 1985

  • Chaleur humaine 1987

  • Le vent des moissons 1988


Clips :

1976 ... beginnings to say the least confidential but which already show an obvious potential. You just have to allow time for the rose to bloom ...

1978 ... the gift of Heaven ! Michel Berger offers her an absolutely incredible gift with THIS title, a title which remains to this day one of the most beautiful Intimist titles of all time on the French side and which will especially literally explode the notoriety of the singer. MAS-TER-PIE-CE !

1978 ... a musical comedy with extraordinary inspiration and which produces exceptional title after exceptional title. Blessed bread for the singer who didn't ask for so much !

1978 ... and what to say about this title which will also remain as one of the most emblematic pieces of this exceptional musical. MA-GIS-TRAL !

1978 ... a golden role that will make an almost unknown woman one of the biggest stars of the end of the decade. A musical which will also reveal a certain...Daniel Balavoine !

1979 ... difficult to bounce back after having known such success and especially after having been familiar with the stars repeatedly thanks to Starmania. The rest is still of the same quality so no reason to worry ...

1980 ... of course she does not correspond at all to the new musical standards of the moment but what she offers in the Intimist field largely holds up, to say the least. In any case enough to continue playing in the big leagues ...

1980 ... an atypical style which is as much its strength as its weakness. It is clear that she will never finish N°1 in the French Top50 but at least she has the merit of offering something else ...

1981 ... a career that takes place alongside the star system, far from the glitz and pressure of show biz. A daring bias but which works for the moment ...

1981 ... a obvious talent in the Intimist which allows hier to deliver titles of more than certain quality. But it still lacks THE title that would allow her to permanently inscribe his name in the musical legend of the 80s ...

1982 ... she tries her hand at Dance, which is very surprising on her part. But it was high time she tried something in this area. Even if in the end the bet will not be won, she at least tried !

1985 ... she disappears 3 years from the radar and comes back to us in a certain form. Will the year 1985 finally allow her to explode into the open...? To be continued ...

1985 ... then THIS title comes ! Here is finally the title which will allow the singer to write her name in the musical history of the 80s, certainly on a title interpreted at 2, but it does not matter, it is the result which counts as they say. Especially when you see the quality of the partner, a certain Richard Cocciante then at the top of his form. The same Richard Cocciante who will write a landmark musical a few years later ...

1985 ... a timeless title that contrasts radically with the previous one. And which sends the singer back to musical spheres which inevitably marginalizes her again ...

1987 ... a trendy sound that proves she could have struggled with the competition on an equal footing if only she had been written the songs that were going well. Unfortunately, it is far too late to reverse the trend ...

1988 ... an end of the decade that ends in style and once again in Intimist mode thanks to this series' credits which will undoubtedly remain as one of his greatest successes. The ideal ending ...


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