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A fork in the road...

Rebbie Jackson, whose real name is Maureen Jackson, is an American singer whose particularity, apart from being a singer, is to be the eldest of the Jackson siblings. Position that will force her to play the role of 'second mother' in order to help her mother raise her 9 brothers and sisters...

Her artistic career began in the company of his brothers and sisters in 1974 during a show in Las Vegas but also within the series The Jacksons. Series which was born in 1976 and which features all the Jackson siblings with the exception of Germaine.

She was later found as a luxury backup singer for artists such as The Emotions, Sonny Bonno and Betty Wright.

The solo career began in 1984 with the release of the album "Centipède" and for a first try it was a real success.

The album will know a real worldwide success and project the singer in an ideal way on the front of the international scene. It must be said that with a certain Michael at the helm, the opposite would have been surprising to say the least…

Unfortunately, the follow-up album "Reaction" which was released two years later in 1986 did not quite enjoy the same level of success. Just like "R U Tuff enuff" which will be released in 1988. Two counter-performances which will permanently weigh down the rest of the singer's career in the years to follow.

A last album "Yours faithfully" will be released ten years later in 1998, an album with even less success. Yet another underperformance which this time will put a definitive end to her career...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Centipede 1984

  • A fork in the road 1985

  • Reaction 1986

  • You send the rain away 1987

  • Plaything 1988

  • R U tuff enuff 1988

  • 2300 Jackson Street 1989

  • Yours faithfully 1998


Clips : will have been enough of a title, THIS title, to make return the eldest sister of Jackson in the musical history of the Eighties. A truly incredible family which will remain single in its kind and this in all points of view. HU-GE !

1985...unfortunately, she will not succeed in reaching the same career level as some other members of the siblings. Even if this revisited version of the Miracle title dating from 1965 holds up, the fall in the Charts from the second title will be violent to say the least... the rate of only one title per year, difficult under these conditions to impose herself at the highest level. Especially when you're in the shadow of giants...

1987... whatever it is, she has nothing to be ashamed of her discography, that's for sure. Even if she will not remain as the most gifted and talented in the family, she will at least have had the merit of participating as they say...

1988 ... especially since she will still get some nice successes including this one. Admittedly, most of his titles will have been classified only in the R&B Charts but that's at least that !

1988...a light discography in the end and a flash career that only lasted a few years. It would still have been incredible if she could match Janet, which would have made this family a real tribe of aliens !

1989...a unique title that brings together the whole Jackson family in an exceptional way. A rare document that takes on even more value over the years...

1998...she will disappear from the radar for almost 9 years and attempt an improbable comeback in this year 1998. A daring bet but above all a lost bet unfortunately...


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