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A damn explosive cocktail ...

Mai Tai is a Dutch group - or more precisely a female trio - formed in 1983 by producers Eric Van Tijn and Jochem Fluitsma and originally composed of Jetty Weels, Mildred Douglas and Caroline de Windt. The name of the group would be a simple reference to the famous rum cocktail.

Their first single "Keep on dancing" was released in 1983 and enjoyed only relative success which was mainly limited to the Netherlands.

The title "What goes on" which was released a year later in 1984 was more successful and launched their careers. The same year, the album was released, which bears only the name of the group and also enjoyed considerable success.

Everything suddenly accelerates in 1985 when the hugely popular single "History" is released, a single that will make a real planetary success and explode their notoriety. Followed a year later in 1986 by a second hit, less successful but still successful with the title "Female intuition".

The title "Body and soul", released for the first time in 1984 without success, is re-recorded and this time brings out a course much more flattering in the Charts.

The album "1 touch 2 much" was released in 1986 and produced only one hit with the title "Turn your love around". The album "Cool is the rule" released later in 1987 will not produce any major hits. The group will eventually separate in 1988.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Keep on dancin 1983

  • Am I losing you forever 1984

  • What goes on 1984

  • Body and soul 1984

  • History 1985

  • 1 touch 2 much 1986

  • Female intuition 1986

  • Turn your love around 1986

  • Bet that’s what you say 1987

  • Fight fire with fire 1987

  • Dance in the light 1988

  • Never, never ! 1993

  • I want U 1993

  • Baby I want you back 2014


Clips :

1983 ... promising beginnings 100% Dance but which will not allow the trio to be noticed more than that. We will have to wait a little longer ...

1984 ... a sweet break version suite with this high class Ultimate Slow which offers the 3 girls their first major success. The first and certainly not the last ...

1984 ... it is clear that they are as effective in the Intimist as in the Dance. Versatility found only with the best ...

1984 ... three titles in this single year 1984 and three successes, what more could you ask for. The girls are at their best and we imagine that they will not stop there ...

1985 ... which will probably remain their biggest hit. The trio signs here an enormous Dance title which sets fire to all Dancefloor on the planet and offers them at the same time a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... the titles follow each other but don't necessarily look the same. After the previous steamroller, this title will go somewhat unnoticed. Or even completely unnoticed ...

1986 ... the title of the consecration. The trio signs the biggest success of all his discography and confirms once again that they did not steal their place within the Elite, it is clear. HU-GE !

1986 ... once again, the titles follow each other but do not necessarily look alike. The proof with this title which will know only a small success of esteem and still limited in the Netherlands. Cruel disillusionment ...

1987 ... always as rhythmic, always as much Dance. But the group loses speed and tumbles into the Charts a little more with each title. The decline is now underway ...

1987 ... we are slowly but surely getting closer to the end with this title which will be their last classified title. And yet the girls do not deserve, far from it. But the competition is ruthless and they are starting to pay a high price ...

1988 ... only one title in this year and which will go completely under the radar in addition. The best years are now behind, it's clear ...

1993 ... they will attempt the transition to the next decade by trying to adapt to the latest trends of the moment. Risky bet and especially lost bet ...

1993 ... they are not ridiculous, far from it. But the competition is light years ahead and the girls will never get back to the leading pack ...

2014 ... after almost 20 years of absence, the Phoenix is trying to rise from the ashes. Even if the sound is trendy, this umpteenth comeback will again result in a failure ...


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