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A beautiful blue diamond...

H20 is a Scottish group formed in Glasgow in 1978 by Ian Donaldson, Alan McGhee, Kenny Dorman, David Wells and Colin Gavigan.

Their first single "Hollywood dream" was released in 1982. Single with modest success.

It was a year later in 1983 that they experienced their first real success with the title "I dream to sleep". Followed by a few "Just outside of heaven" which performs a more than honorable course in the Charts.

Their first album "Faith" was released the same year and was only relatively successful.

In 1984 came out the singles "Who'll stop the rain", "It's in you" and "Another face" which, despite an obvious quality, do not do much better in terms of success. Lack of success which will implode the group current 1985.

The group was reborn from its ashes in 1986 and produced a last title "Blue diamond" in 1987. Title which will not be classified but which would have really deserved to be. But this time, it will indeed be the last.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Hollywood dream 1982

  • All that glitters (Rusts in time) 1983

  • I dream to sleep 1983

  • Just outside of heaven 1983

  • Who’ll stop the rain 1984

  • It’s in you 1984

  • Another face 1984

  • Blue diamond 1987


Clips :

1982 ... everything is already there, the style, the sound, the control. The beginnings of a small group which will not remain as one of the major of the decade but which will nevertheless produce excellent work

1983 ... a sound so British and so typical of this period in particular. Made In Across the Channel 100 % effective !

1983 ... a song that literally floats in the air. The best of technique at the service of an obvious inspiration and a talent that is no less so

1983 ... a beautiful year 1983 which saw them produce title after title. Some are particularly inspired, others a little less ...

1984 ... the group is at its best and you can feel it, and above all it can be heard. A title that will remain among their most emblematic and especially among their most successful !

1984 ... nothing to throw away in this year 1984. Each title is a real find and positions the group as one of the best of the moment

1984 ... the group ends this GREAT year with this title which will not remain as their best but which works all the same my faith very well

1987 ... the end of the adventure. But what an end ! Undoubtedly their best title. A magnificent blue diamond as a gift to end in style, we could not ask for better !


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