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Neneh Cherry, whose real name is Neneh Karlsson, is a Swedish singer-songwriter, the result of the meeting of a Swedish painter and a musician from Sierra Leone who came to study engineering in Sweden. But it's another man who is going to raise her, an American jazz musician named Don Cherry who married her mother just before she was born. Hence her stage name Cherry.

A family who left Sweden for the United States at the end of the 1970s. An adventure that was to come to an end for the young Neneh when she decided to quit school at 14 and leave for England. She will be quickly joined there by her stepfather, who tours there and takes her across the country with him.

In the years that followed, she got closer to the English punk movement and made her first appearances in groups such as The Cherries, The Slits, New Age Steppers, Rip Rig + Panic and other Float Up CP. She even released her first solo Single "Stop the war" in 1982, a Single that unfortunately went completely unnoticed.

It was not until the end of the 1980s and 1988 to finally see her dreams come true, with the release of the Single "Buffalo stance". A Single that will make a real worldwide hit and literally explode its notoriety.

Single from the album "Raw like Sushi" which was released a year later in 1989 and which produced two other mega hits which are "Kisses on the wind" but also, and above all, the sumptuous "Manchild".

New mega hit in 1990 with the Single "I’ve got you under my skin". Single found on the compilation album "Red hot + blue", an album intended to raise funds for AIDS research.

New album "Homebrew" two years later in 1992, album with less success than its predecessor. Album from which will nevertheless be extracted two new top hits that are "Money love" which comes out the same year as the album. And "Buddy X" which comes out a year later in 1993.

As paradoxical as it may seem, she will experience the ultimate consecration not in solo but in duet, on the track "7 seconds", a track which came out in 1994 and which she performed with singer Youssou N’Dour. A title that will undoubtedly stay as one of the most inspired and iconic titles of the decade.

The flagship title of her career that can be found on the album "Man" which was released two years later in 1996. Album with notorious global success once again and which will produce a new global mega hit with the title "Woman". But which will unfortunately be her last. She will have other successes thereafter but only on the projects of other artists.

She will return in an unexpected way during the 2010 decade but without being able to reintegrate the planetary musical elite.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

  • Slow train to dawn 1987

  • Buffalo stance 1988

  • Manchild 1989

  • Kisses on the wind 1989

  • Heart 1989

  • Inna city Mamma 1989

90s  Decade :

  • I’ve got you under my skin 1990

  • Money love 1992

  • Move with me 1992

  • Sassy 1992

  • Buddy X 1993

  • 7 seconds 1994

  • Trouble man 1995

  • Woman 1996

  • Kootchi 1996

  • Feel it 1997

2000s  Decade :

  • Long way arround 2000

  • Braided hair 2001

2010s  Decade :

  • Spit three times 2014

  • 422 2014

  • Out of the black 2014

  • Kong 2018

  • Natural skin deep 2018

  • Soldier 2018


Tracks :

1987 ... a first title where she shares the bill with a heavyweight of the moment. Ideal launching pad and which foreshadows great and beautiful things to come ...

1988 ... a shattering solo start. First title and first global mega hit, the young Neneh could not dream of a better start to her career. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... the start was sensational but it was without counting on this sequel that can be described simply as exceptional. Even if this title will experience a level of success slightly below the previous title, it remains one of the most emblematic titles of the singer and of the decade itself. Here she signs a title with absolutely sumptuous finesse which makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. MA-GIC !

1989 ... the singer's level of success is truly amazing. She goes on a series of planetary mega hits at supersonic speed and no one at this point is able to compete with her. Stunning !

1989 ... a title that will go somewhat unnoticed. Yes Yes, it's possible. Normal, it will only be released in the United States and Australia. This explains that...

1989 ... conversely, it will only be released in Europe and New Zealand. And in the slightly bizarre register of releases, it is this title that will win hands down in terms of success

1990 ... a dynamic of success that does not weaken an Iota at the start of the new decade. A mind-blowing level of success that has gone on to last for some time ...

1992 ... after a single-title 1990 and a surprisingly empty year 1991, the singer is back in 1993 in a certain form. Race results : new top hit !

1992 ... a title which will remain at the very least confidential since it will only be released in Germany. Given the quality of the title, we really wonder the 'why' of this exclusive release ...

1992 ... striking contrast between this title and the previous title. At the antipodes of each other as they say. But it takes everything to make a career as they say ...

1993 ... another single-title year. It is clear that the production of titles slows down more and more during this decade 90. But it does not matter the quantity as long as we have the quality, which is the case !

1994 ... 'Manchild' was the first WONDER. This title is going to be the second. She will have delivered one of the most emblematic titles of the 80s. She does the same for the 90s with this one. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1995 ... once again, the contrast is striking between this title and the previous one. Two totally opposed universes which allow the singer to show all the facets of her talent. Astonishing paradox ...

1996 ... an absolutely extraordinary talent in the Intimist. She delivers here a sumptuous new title which confirms once again that she is truly one of the most talented and has been for a few years already. MAS-TER-FUL !

1996 ... everything and its opposite. You could call it Intimist but given the orchestration, we are very far from it. A style difference that will pay cash in the Charts with a very modest level of success ... much as the first part of the 90s was most inspired, as much as the second part will leave something to be desired. So much so that this title will be the last notorious hit of the singer. And again, a 'little' hit. A magnificent adventure which slows down here in a somewhat brutal way but which was beautiful, often magnificent, and that's the main thing !

2000...we find her a few years later pushing the song with the family. A duo that will work rather well on this title to the point of offering a nice success in the Charts to the half-brother and the half-sister... collaboration 1 year later but this time in group mode with 1 Giant Leap and Speech. This title will be less successful than its predecessor but does not demerit, far from it...

2014 ... when we thought the case was definitely folded solo, here she comes back almost 15 years later. A bet for the less daring and especially with the result for the less mitigated...

2014...a 2010 decade that will rhyme with experimental music and titles at the antipodes of the musical standards of the moment. She dared...

2014...and whether alone or accompanied, success in the Charts will desperately flee her. Afterwards, is she really looking for it, good question...

2018...and here she is again 4 years later, still just as motivated to continue the adventure at first sight. It remains to be seen what she is really running after and that, only her has the answer...

2018... anyway, she's not that ridiculous. She traces her path in her own way and outside the musical dictas of the moment, but what she offers has at least the merit of offering a certain originality..., will we see her again the following decade ? Only her can answer this question and if she decides to come back again, it will necessarily be to offer something different as usual...


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