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20th century boys...

Chalk Circle is a Canadian band formed in 1982 in Newcastle, Ontario, and originally composed of Chris Tait, Brad Hopkins, Tad Winklarz and Derrick Murphy.

The group released their first demo title "The world" in 1985, a title that will make people talk about it in the Toronto area and allow them to win the Casby Award, a distinction which rewards the most promising groups that have not yet recorded discs.

The real debut took place a year later in 1986 with the signing with the Duke Street Records label and especially the release of a mini-album called "The great lake". Mini-album which allows them to obtain their first successes with "Me, myself and I" but also, and above all, "April fool".

The first - real - album "Mending wall" was released in 1987, an album which produced 3 new high-caliber Singles with the titles "20th century boy", "NIMBY" and "This mourning", Single which will be the best ranked of the 3.

A last album "As the crow flies" will be released in 1989, album which will produce two Singles which will unfortunately go completely unnoticed.

A failure from which the group will not recover and which will end up separating a year later in 1990.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • The world 1985

  • April fool 1986

  • Me, myself and I 1986

  • This mourning 1987

  • 20th century boy 1987

  • N.I.M.B.Y. 1987

  • Sons and daughters 1989

  • Together 1989


Tracks :

1985 ... a trendy sound, just like the style, so everything is already there to start in the best possible way. It remains to confirm that they are not there by chance ...

1986 ... the group will have been able to make the perfect junction between the best of English sound influences and those from the North America. A good job as they say !

1986 ... one would have thought that the group was promised a bright future but as often for Canadian groups, their level of influence will not exceed...Canada !

1987 ... it would have just been enough if they were stamped 'Made In USA' to know a future surely very different. But fate will have decided otherwise ...

1987 ... a shooting star group which will only have existed for a few years but which will not have to be ashamed of everything he has produced, that's clear !

1987 ... they also know how to do in the softest. The proof with this nice title which shows a certain versatility in a group which unfortunately did not know how to impose himself on the international scene as he should have ...

1989 ... the last year of existence. A discography at least quite light but of quality, isn't that the essential !

1989 ... an adventure that ends with this title. A smooth exit of course, but through the back door as they say. They really won't have missed much to know a very different fate ...


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