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Double is a Swiss duo formed in 1983 in Zurich by Felix Haug and Kurt Maloo whose particularity is to perform in another group, a trio called "Ping Pong". Trio which will know a relative success thanks to the title "Rhythm walk".

Regarding Double, they will remain in the musical history of the 80s mainly for one title but what a title !

The sumptuous "Captain of her heart" which will be one of the biggest hits of 1985. Flagship single taken from the album "Blue" and which will be a real worldwide hit.

They will produce another album "Dou3le" in 1987 from which the single "Devills balls" will be extracted mainly. But the group could not manage to repeat the feat of 85, the album being a failure. Failure which will be fatal for the duo.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Naningo 1983

  • El Dorado 1984

  • Es 1984

  • Rangoon moon 1984

  • Woman of the world 1984

  • Captain of her heart 1985

  • Your prayer takes me off 1986

  • Tomorrow 1986

  • Devills ball 1987

  • Gliding 1987


Clips :

1983 ... completely surrealist beginnings that do not hint at the incredible sequel to come ...

1984 ... there is better but there is still work, to say the least. They will have to raise the level of play in the years to come on pain of outright disappearance ...

1984 ... still in an experimental phase ... From all points of view, musically and visually speaking. Must and can do better ...

1984 ... the group has suddenly passed its phase of acute delirium. Finally a piece more or less structured from start to finish ...

1984 ... the mutation. Something happened, that's obvious. The group finally delivers an inspired melody which, this time around, holds up. Ready now for an amazing sequel ...

1985 ... then comes the WONDER ! An absolutely incredible title, with extraordinary lyricism and almost divine inspiration. Surely one of the most beautiful titles of the decade and of the end of the XXth century period !

1986 ... slight air gap with this title which will not even be classified ! Difficult to deliver a sequel to the height of the previous gem, or even an almost impossible mission !

1986 ... ah, there is not to say, it is already a little more up to those expected of them. A title full of finesse and swaying at will

1987 ... and what about that one ! What will surely remain as one of their best titles, a title which will unfortunately be their last notorious hit. Anyway, the adventure was beautiful and this is the main thing !

1987 ... a last title to greet this group with its particularly original imprint. And who will have left in the musical history of the 80s a legend title of which they can be particularly proud !


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