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With a little help from my friends...

Wet Wet Wet is a Scottish group formed in 1982 by Marti Pellow, singer, Neil Mitchell, keyboardist, Graeme Clark, bassist and Tommy Cunningham on percussion.

Originally the group was called "Vortex motion".

The group signed with Polygram in 1985 and their first single "Wishing I was lucky" was released in 1987. The success was immediate !

The album "Popped insouled out" came out in the process and produced 3 other hits such as "Sweet little mystery", "Temptation" and "Angel eyes", just that !

In 1988, they re-offend with a cover of The Beatles “With a little help from my friends” which in turn is going to be a hit.

It was a year later, in 1989, that the album "Holding back the river" was released, which proved to be a new success and from which the hit "Sweet surrender" would be extracted.

Three years passed before the next album "High on the happy side" was released in 1992, from which the flagship single "Goodnight girl" would be extracted.

And it was in 1994 that the group knew its biggest success with the single "Love is all around" from the soundtrack of the cult "4 weddings and a funeral". Single extract from the album "Picture this".

Biggest success which will be unfortunately the last for the group which will produce other titles thereafter but will never find the level of excellence before.

Either way, Wet Wet Wet will have produced great titles and a place in the very closed club of "Best English bands of the 80s".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Wishing I was lucky 1987

• Sweet little mystery 1987

• Angel eyes 1987

• Temptation 1988

• With a little help from my friends 1988

• Sweet surrender 1989

• Broke away 1989

• Stay with me heartache 1990

• Make it tonight 1991

• Goodnight girl 1991

• More than love 1992

• Lip service 1992

• Shed a tear 1993

• Cold cold heart 1993

• Love is all around 1994

• Julia says 1995

• Don't want to forgive me now 1995

• Somewhere somehow 1995

• She's all on my mind 1995

• Morning 1996

• If I never see you again 1997

• Strange 1997

• Back to Memphis 2021


Clips :

1987 ... the HUGE hit that will reveal them. We see from the first title all the potential of the group and the potential, there is, it's obvious ! And the future will vividly prove it ...

1987 ... a nice suite that does not eat bread as they say ... We expect a little better anyway !

1987 ... ah, there by cons, it's already a notch above. See two. A wonderful song to end the year on a high note

1988 ... a change of vintage and a gentle restart with a large caliber ballad

1988 ... they sign here a nice cover of the Beatles title dating from 1967, nice cover which brings them a new hit. The little guys don't get too tired ...

1989 ... a quality that does not falter with a new light and airy title that once again demonstrates their versatility

1989 ... unquestionably the specialists in "everything smoothly". An area they particularly like...

1990 ... a change of decade that rhymes with obvious acceleration of the tempo. It was missing a little ...

1991 ... a year 1991 that started off smoothly, both in terms of style and result in the Charts. But given what is looming on the horizon, no worries to have ...

1991 ... the year of the hair revolution. They all go on strike or whatever. Would it be a bet ...? Anyway, hair length or not, the group is still as good given the level of success achieved by this title !

1992 ... still in ballad mode. It lacks a little potato all that anyway. A little rhythm does not harm, on the contrary ...

1992 ... the rhythm, there it is. Unfortunately, this time, it will not be enough to make this title one of their biggest successes. Nice try all the same !

1993 ... well, it is not with this title that the Dancefloor will catch fire. But it still holds water !

1993 ... neither with that one, it doesn't work out on the tempo side. Always in cool cool cool mode ...

1994 ... 12 years after their debut, they sign here the biggest hit of all their discography, just that ! Even if we are still in the Intimist, this title is inspired, light and airy, everything to please. MAS-TER-FUL !

1995 ... until the end all in finesse, decidedly, there's nothing to do ! It's like that and worse that's all !

1995 ... dazzling revival of potato. They still had it under their feet, a nice reversal of the situation which can only satisfy us !

1995 ... we suspected that it would not last long ! Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. With them, we got used to it now !

1995 ... a particularly prolific year and one that will surely remain one of their best of the decade

1996 ... and what about that title ! Surely one of their best ! A title particularly inspired and transcended by a gentle force which this time works miracles

1997 ... the last notorious hit of the decade. Well, a busy career, to say the least !

1997 ... it is clear that the level of inspiration is decreasing more and more. This does not in any way prevent the group from continuing the adventure, whatever it takes, with a level of success that remains very honorable ! Minimum level that will even allow them to return the following decade ...


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