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Wild and peaceful ...

Teena Marie, real name Mary Christine Brockert, was an American singer-songwriter who began her artistic career at the age of 8, playing in the series The Beverly Hillbillies.

But it really wasn't until 1976 that things started to pick up steam when she was spotted by Motown. Indeed, while she is casting for a film produced by the label where it will be about orphans, Berry Gordy notices her. She will record a significant number of titles which nevertheless remain in the boxes. And this is another providential meeting that will be a game changer.

Rick James, then producer of Diana Ross, notices her in turn and decides outright to drop Diana Ross to produce the girl. She finally managed to release a first album "Wild and peaceful" in 1979, which produced her first hit classified "I’m a sucker for your love". The singer's career is finally launched and paradoxically, the radios at the beginning of her career think she is black, given the very special tone of her voice. She will become the first white singer to be invited to the legendary Soul Train show.

Success was confirmed a year later in 1980 when the album "Lady T" was released, from which her first global mega-hit was extracted with the title "Behind the groove". An exceptional 80s for the singer because the album "Irons in the fire" was released, an album with even greater success than its predecessor and which she wrote entirely herself ! Album of which the main extract "I need your lovin" will be a real hit.

1979 and 1980 were two exceptional years for the singer, it was without counting on the year 1981 ! The album "It must be magic" is released this year, an album that remains to this day its biggest success of the 1980s, thanks in particular to the single "Square biz".

The years go by but sometimes are hardly alike. The proof with the year 1982 which will be a year of legal battle against Motown which refuses, once again, to produce certain titles of the artist. A violent confrontation that will benefit the singer with as an epilogue a judgment that will stay in history as the Brockert Case Law. A case law which now prohibits any company from keeping an artist under contract while denying him any new production.

The year 1983 is a year of transition between 2 labels with the final release of a new album "Robbery". Album with average success and which will painfully produce a single hit with the title "Fix it". A success beyond compare with that of the album "Starchild", enormous album which was released a year later in 1984 and which will remain as the most big success of all his discography. Album that produced the flagship single "Lovergirl", which was to be a real worldwide hit.

An enormous success which was unfortunately not confirmed in 1986 when the album "Emerald city" was released, a concept album with multi-influences, notably rock. Too rock to the taste of the fans, who are gradually turning away from the singer.

A breaking point that the singer will never be able to reverse despite the release of other albums afterwards. Except in 1988 when she had a last major hit with the title "Ooo la la la", taken from the album "Naked to the world".

Unfortunately, the adventure came to an end for good in 2010, the official date of his death at the age of 54. Deaths, the causes of which will always remain obscure...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I’m a sucker for your love 1979

  • Don’t look back 1979

  • Can it be love 1980

  • Behind the groove 1980

  • I need your lovin 1980

  • Square biz 1981

  • Fix it 1983

  • Lovergirl 1984

  • Jammin 1985

  • 14K 1985

  • Lips to find you 1986

  • Love me down easy 1986

  • Ooo la la la 1988

  • Work it 1988

  • Here’s looking at you 1990

  • Just us two 1991

  • Warm as momma's oven 1994

  • Still in love 2004

  • A rose by any other name 2004

  • Ooh wee 2006

  • Make it hot 2006

  • Can't last a day 2009

  • You baby 2009

  • Luv letter 2012

  • Rare breed 2012

  • The long play 2012


Clips :

1979 ... first title and start with a fanfare on a 100 % Dance title, title which gives the singer her first hit. We couldn't ask for a better start !

1979 ... a 100 % Dance orientation which is confirmed with this title which swings serious, to say the least. An ideal start to a career !

1980 ... we could have believed her party to only dance, and yet, the following year, the singer gives us a beautiful first Ultimate Slow which shows a most interesting versatility. MA-GIC !

1980 ... an Intimist parenthesis that only lasted the time of a title. Here she is back in Dance mode, a mode that is particularly successful for her since it is there that she records her biggest hits

1980 ... a year 1980 which ended in style with this title which will remain as his biggest success of the year. The singer is now on a dynamic of success that is not ready to stop !

1981 ... 1981 will not have the same level of success as 1980, but the level remains high. No reason to worry, it will continue to unroll !

1983 ... astonishing little air gap during the year 1982 and back in great shape in this year 1983. Certainly, she does not manage to find its level of success of the year 1981 but what she offers is of sufficient quality to maintain her among the elite

1984 ... then comes THIS title. Here she signs quite simply the biggest success of her entire career. An enormous Dance title which allows her to definitively return to the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... the rest will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected. The competition is formidable in this mid-decade and the singer begins to lose ground visibly. Too bad because what she offers is far from lacking in quality !

1985 ... what is certain is that she hangs on. And some still believe in her and especially in her talent, the proof with this participation in the soundtrack of the film Gonnies. Like what, you must never let go !

1986 ... a great adventure that continues for good. Admittedly, the singer left the top of the Charts already for some time but she continues whatever happens to provide quality work. Respect !

1986 ... she had little ventured into the Intimist register and yet her talent in this area is certain. Once again the proof with this title which works perfectly !

1988 ... nothing during 1987 and back in 1988 once again in the 'emotional' register. She likes it more and more a priori. A musical reorientation that pays off since she obtains here its last notorious hit. All good !

1988 ... after the start of the decade 100 % Dance, the end of the decade is 100 % Intimist. Charm and seduction on the program, a recipe that succeeds in any case !

1990 ... she still managed to survive 3 decades, a feat reserved exclusively for the best. And she will even reach the following decade, signing there a remarkable feat !

1990 ... certainly the level of productivity will seriously fall in this new decade 90 but when we see what she continues to offer, we will necessarily be largely satisfied. MA-GIC !

1990...still as effective whether in the Intimist register or in the Dance register. A truly complete artist from the beginning of her career to the end...

1991... only one title for this year 1991 but once again classified which shows that she is still in the race. An adventure far from over... mono-title year. We still feel that the artist is decelerating more and more, especially since this single will be the last of the decade...

2004...we will lose sight of her for almost 10 years but here she is again. A winning return in any case when we see the success that she will succeed in achieving with this new opus...

2004...a BIG year 2004 with quantity and quality at all levels. Especially when she has the good idea to play it in duo mode, which doesn't spoil anything, quite the contrary...

2006...a 2000 decade that saw her return to racing in spectacular fashion. Like what, in music nothing is ever finished as long as we believe in it... still have to remember that she started her career in...1979 ! She is still in her 4th decade of career, which highlights all the more the feat accomplished...

2009...this time she plays it in duo mode but 100 % feminine. This title will be less successful than his previous duo but will still come out with flying colors...

2009...the last title published during his lifetime. An adventure that will end tragically but at this stage no one knows yet...

2012...this title and the following ones will therefore be posthumous titles. An artist who died far too soon and who surely still had things to offer and especially to sing...

2012...titles taken from a last album which will know a not insignificant success. And which therefore hinted at other potential future achievements...

2012...a story that won't go any further but that will have proven that this artist had more than certain talent. A talent that has made it possible to produce a significant number of very high-calibre singles...


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