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What do you have in mind ? Just be yourself...

Nightlife Unlimited is a Canadian band formed in the late 1970s and originally composed of Tony Bentivenga, Johnny D’Orazio, Louis Toteda and Peter Sciascia.

Very little news about this group except that they have produced several well-made singles that it would have been a shame to ignore.

Just as such, we had to devote an article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • What’s on your mind 1978

  • Disco choo choo 1979

  • Love is in you 1979

  • Precious moments 1979

  • Do me tonight 1980

  • Let’s do it again 1981

  • Just be yourself 1982

  • Danger zone 1983

  • Woman 1984

  • Playing tricks on me 1984

  • Do you wanna feel free 1986


Clips :

1979 ... sensational beginnings thanks to a hyper trendy sound. Everything is in place to make the group one of the future Greats of Dance

1979 ... in the same vein. The group will not remain as one of the flagship groups of the decade but far out of the game

1979 ... a year 1979 that never ends and which sees the group align title to title. 100 % Dance, 1,000 % Dance, 10,000 % Dance !

1980 ... a transition to the 80s perfectly successful thanks to this particularly successful title. The group is on a dynamic which does not weaken an Iota !

1981 ... a dance style which works perfectly and which shows a talent more than obvious. It simply lacks the trait of genius that can make the difference between a basic group and an exceptional group ...

1982 ... the group proceeds quietly without asking too many questions. But without questioning themselves either, an immobility that will penalize them in the long term, necessarily ...

1983 ... an even more glaring lack of inspiration with this title. We have the impression of having gone back 5 years. Pity...

1984 ... the sound finally evolves. Just like the style. A salutary development in all respects. Unfortunately, the group let the train go by and the competition passed by ...

1984 ... this song will not change the situation. The delay in relation to the others is now irreparable. Those who fail to adapt still end up disappearing ...


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Discography :

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