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Walk this way...

Run-D.M.C. is an American group formed in New York in 1981 by Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels and Jason Mizell.

Group who released their first single "It’s like that" in 1983 after signing with Profile Records. A highly regarded single which will be followed a few months later by their first album, an album named only after the name of the group and which will also become popular with the public. For the moment essentially American.

New album "King of rock" a year later in 1985, album with equivalent success and which will mainly produce the single of the same name, single which opens the doors of the Charts of the Old Continent.

The rise in power is evident on the album "Raising hell", album which becomes their first big global success in 1986. Album which will especially produce the enormous title "Walk this way", single which remains to this day the biggest success of all their discography. A single that will make a real worldwide hit and literally explode their notoriety internationally. And at the same time explode the Hip Hop current all over the world.

We will have to wait two years and the year 1988 to see the release of the new album "Tougher than leather", album which will be even stronger than its predecessor on a planetary level but which will struggle to produce singles of very large caliber except "Run's house” and “Mary, Mary”.

The album "Back from hell", which came out in 1990, saw the group fall sharply in the Charts. Album that will save furniture only thanks to the single "What’s it all about".

A decade of the 90s which saw the group clearly decline, despite the release of a new album in 1993 "Down with the king", an album carried at arm's length by the single of the same name.

All the same, the group had a great way out in 1998 with the release of the single "It’s like that", a single which would experience enormous worldwide success, to say the least unexpected.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • It's like that 1983

  • Hard times 1984

  • 30 days 1984

  • King of rock 1985

  • You talk too much 1985

  • Can you rock it like this 1985

  • My Adidas 1986

  • Walk this way 1986

  • You be illin 1986

  • It's tricky 1987

  • Run’s house 1988

  • Mary, Mary 1988

  • Pause 1989

  • Ghosbusters 1989

  • What’s it all about 1990

  • Faces 1991

  • Down with the king 1993

  • It’s like that 1998


Clips :

1983 ... a successful start, to say the least, since the group obtained its first classified title. Certainly in R&B Charts, but that's already what they say !

1984 ... a truly unique style that will become their trademark. The problem is that by going to nest in such a specific field, it can seriously jeopardize the chances of success with the general public ...

1984 ... success still does not cross the boundaries of R&B Charts. There is potential in this group, it's obvious. It remains to find THE title that will allow them to join the big leagues ...

1985 ... the group finally succeeded in breaking into the international market. Certainly, their notoriety has just crossed the Atlantic but it's always better than nothing as they say ...

1985 ... the group still does not manage to pass this stage between a group of average level and a group of Planetary class. Let's give them a little more time ...

1985 ... it is clear that it will not be during this year 1985 that we will attend the great fireworks display. But the rise in power is obvious and we suspect that at some point it will end up paying off ...

1986 ... will the group finally succeed in the perfect heist...? Not necessarily on this title there but it could well be that it happens on the next title ...

1986 ... and the perfect heist, here it is ! They simply steal one of Aerosmith's flagship titles dating from 1975 and revisit it in their own way, with a result that is, to say the least, breathtaking. Result of the races : mega hit and notoriety which literally explodes, this is what is called a double jackpot. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... it would have been miraculous that this sequel could compete with the previous gem. The group will fall back to a much more modest level of success but the main thing is that they have finally taken off !

1987 ... another hold-up with this time a title largely inspired by the title "My sharona" of Knack dating from 1979. And as on the previous blow, this revisited version largely holds the road. All good little guys !

1988 ... as soon as the group sets out again in its basic style and neglects the melody, the sanction is immediate : severe fall in the Charts. Attention gentlemen at the exit of the road ...

1988 ... nothing beats a good cover to save the furniture, right ? The proof with this revisited version of the title of Monkees dating from 1968. They are never as effective as when they take again the titles of the others, it is clear !

1989 ... another relapse and we doubt why. No cover on this point with a new loosening in the Charts. At that point, they will limit the breakage but only narrowly ...

1989 ... here they arrived in the soundtrack of Ghostbusters II with a great success on both sides of the Atlantic. Once again, it is by working with other people's material that they produce the best of themselves. Astonishing paradox ...

1990 ... the problem with them is that they change very little. Their style, admittedly unique in its kind, has hardly changed by an Iota since their inception. A surprising strategy and above all totally counterproductive in the long term ...

1991 ... the group will do more some figuration than anything else during this decade 90. The world has evolved considerably around them and they have missed the train of change. Bad pickaxe as they say ...

1993 ... the production of titles slows down considerably and we feel that the group does not believe any more of the masses. An end of the adventure that looms more and more on the horizon ...

1998 ... big 5 years air gap and return in an amazing form in 1998. Sufficient form in any case to land one last top hit and exit through the front door. What more !


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