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Vic owes him everything !

Richard Sanderson is an English singer born to an English drummer father and a French accordionist mother.

He started his artistic career at the age of 17 with a small group called 'Lovers’ Love'. Group that will produce a few Singles of fairly limited scope. Then becomes for a while the official pianist of Nancy Hollaway and David Christie in particular. Before forming a new group and going around the world with it, playing in hotels in particular.

It was at the end of the 70s that things accelerated when he returned to England, a winning return which allowed him to sign with Vogue Records and to record in 1979 a first solo Single “Un vent de folie” under the name of Richard Lory. In the process, his first album, “No stickers please”, was released, a first album that will go relatively unnoticed.

It is in the recording studio that he usually frequents that he will meet the providential man, a certain ... Vladimir Cosma. Which offers him to interpret several titles of the soundtrack of a short film to be released with a young debutante totally unknown to the public named Sophie Marceau. Cosma has just brought him the soundtrack of 'La Boum' on a gold platter. He thus recorded the titles "Murkey turkey", "Go on forever" but also, and above all, "Reality".

The film was released in 1980 and became one of the biggest cinematographic phenomena of the year in France. A phenomenal success amplified by the title "Reality" which became one of the biggest hits of the year and a hit all over the world. So much so that more than 8 million copies will be sold worldwide ! The singer's notoriety exploded overnight.

The following year the Single "She's a Lady" was released, a Single that took advantage of the suction effect of the hugely successful "Reality". The title in turn became a major success and went on to sell nearly 3 million copies. Single which will be the main single from the album "I’m in love" which was released a year later in 1982.

But that will already be his last major success. All subsequent albums will be unable to produce hits of the same magnitude as the previous ones.

Whatever happens, the artist will always be able to boast of having been the interpreter of one of the biggest Ultimate Slow of all time and of having thus allowed a good number of men and women to to meet, and surely to love each other.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Un vent de folie (Richard Lory) 1979

  • Never let you go 1979

80s Decade :

  • I feel the music 1980

  • Reality 1980

  • Go on for ever 1980

  • She’s a lady 1981

  • When I’m in love 1981

  • Your eyes 1982

  • Check on the list 1983

  • Stiamo insieme 1983

  • Sun 1983

  • Find a reason why 1984

  • Lovely lady 1987

  • Maybe you’re wrong 1987

  • So many ways 1988

90s Decade :

  • When the night comes 1990

  • Anytime at all 1990


Clips :

1979 ... a first Dance song with a crazy rhythm as an appetizer. And yet, it's the same one that, a few years later, will deliver one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of all time. Yes Yes !

1979 ... a Dance orientation which is confirmed with this 100 % Disco title. A career of the 70s perfectly in accordance with the musical standards of the moment. But for now, success is long overdue ...

1980... here he will display aptitudes for the 'emotional' register that we did not necessarily suspect. And the sequel will prove in a masterful way that in this area he can literally excel...

1980 ... the proof with THIS amazing title ! A title specially concocted for a short film which will become a true generational phenomenon. The singer delivers here an almost perfect copy and surely one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of all time. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1980 ... from the same soundtrack, another nice, simple title that literally floats in the air and asks no more. First-rate know-how in the intimist field, that's clear !

1981 ... in the same vein. An uninterrupted continuation of title 'With emotions' which shows an ease in this field among the most obvious of the moment...

1981 ... a flood of Intimist titles which really makes him the Champion of the moment. Well, it is true that at one point, too many Intimist risks killing the Intimist ...

1982...a title that he should have interpreted but that he refused for lack of clairvoyance. Too bad because he would then have signed an unprecedented feat by interpreting 2 of the biggest Ultimate Slow of this end of the 20th century...

1983 ... the tempo finally accelerates. Certainly, in a very shy way, but at least that's it. Building an entire career on Intimist can't go very far. You have to know how to offer something else ...

1983 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already. In addition, a hit that is limited only to Italy. But it's always better than nothing ...

1983 ... well, for diversity, it's rather failed. We can not blame him for his obvious talent in the Intimist but at one point, too much is too much ...

1984 ... the years go by and he doesn't change from an Iota. If he hopes to redo the blow of "Reality", unfortunately, it is missed. The titles that come out are still of high quality but of average quality. It still lacks that stroke of genius that makes all the difference ...

1987 ... rarely have we seen a career, and especially a discography, so repetitive. There are those who evolve with the times and the others ...

1987...still in the same vein. Year after year he inexorably repeats the same musical pattern without really worrying about the consequences...

1988 ... this title would rather be part of his Top5 but once again, he is unable to think outside the box. A refusal to change which will strongly penalize his career necessarily ...

1990 ... he even manages to reach the next decade, somehow, but you can imagine that nothing has changed. The competition is light years ahead but nothing seems to disturb him. He started Intimist, he will end Intimist !

1990 ... miracle ! He finally decided to evolve, it was about time. And above all, it is far too late. Too bad because he is really talented and he will have wasted part of his career by his obstinacy in wanting to stay in the 'emotional' register. But who would blame him ...


Top Bonus : when Richard plays it to us a luxury cover. A very sympathetic cover of the 1987 song 'Yaka dansé' by Raft


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