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Very strange notions of science...

Oingo Boingo, originally named The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, is an American band formed in 1972 by Richard Elfman. Group very oriented musical theater at its beginnings and whose members have white faces and make-up like clowns.

Things will start to take height from 1976 when Richard Elfman hands over to his younger brother, Danny Elfman. The group then decided to participate in The Gong Show, a program that allowed them to become known to the general public. Also the same year, they released a first single called "You got your baby back", single which will unfortunately go completely unnoticed.

The end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s saw the group completely reorient its sound towards a much more pop/rock sound. New sound that they experimented with on the track "Only a lad" during the year 1980. But the success was very limited and still did not allow the group to take off.

And the 4 albums that will be released subsequently, "Only a lad" in 1981, "Nothing to fear" in 1982, "Good for your soul" in 1983 and "So-Lo" in 1984, will not change anything.

They will have to wait for 1985 and the release of the album "Dead man's party" to see their efforts finally rewarded thanks to the single "Weird science", single which allows them to obtain their first ranked title. Album which also produced the single "Just another day" and "Stay" which both came out a year later in 1986 and which also became popular with the public.

An album that will not find an equal thereafter because everything that will be released, albums, such as singles, will only meet with modest success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Only a lad 1980

  • Little girls 1981

  • Private life 1982

  • Weird science 1985

  • Just another day 1986

  • Stay 1986

  • Not my slave 1987

  • Winning side 1988

  • When the lights go out 1990

  • Hey ! 1994


Clips :

1980 ... very early days, to say the least. There is still a lot of work to do before going to the top of the peaks ...

1981 ... a crazy group that does not play in the same category as the others, that's clear. A bias displayed and above all assumed !

1982 ... the group continues on its way without worrying too much about the competition and what will be said about him. Everyone traces their path in their own way ...

1985 ... then comes THIS title. The title which will finally allow them to obtain a semblance of recognition, it was about time. Certainly, they will not reach the top of the Charts but the success will be notable !

1986 ... the BIG year of the group. Not necessarily in terms of results in the Charts but rather in terms of quantity. With inspiration and everything. We will only keep inspired ...

1986 ... a style that is really unlike any other. But since it is unlike any other, it is as much a strength as a weakness ...

1987 ... a title which spins at 200 km/h and which comes close to leaving the road. It's playful, light and airy but unfortunately it doesn't pay off ...

1988 ... and what to say about it. They like it when things go fast but it is not sure that the public will follow them on this ground. Do not confuse speed and haste ...

1990 ... already 10 years of existence. A career in seesaw with pluses and minuses. A truly atypical group which has not really been able to find its place on the music scene. Pity...

1994 ... to finish, a title which surprisingly mixes strength and softness. A concept that could have worked but as often with them, the target will be missed ...


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