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To cut a long story short...

Spandau Ballet, originally "The Cut" then "The Makers" is an English group formed in 1976 by Gary Kemp and Steve Norman. Will be added John Keeble, Michael Ellison and Tony Hadley who will become the emblematic singer of the group.

Group which at its very beginnings produced music rather oriented punk.

It was in 1978 that things changed durably when the group decided to redirect its musical style rather towards pop music and took the opportunity to change the name of the group which will be this time the definitive "Spandau ballet".

The group signed with Chrysalis Records and produced their first single "To cut a long story short" which came out in 1980 in stores. And it’s a success.

In 1982, the album "Diamond" was released, which contained the flagship title "Chant N ° 1", which was also a success.

But it was 1983 that propelled them to the heights of hits with the release of the album "True" which notably contained the future planetary hits "Gold" and "True".

They re-offend in 1984 with the album "Parade" which won him fame with the flagship title "Only when you leave".

In 1986, change of record company but the change does not really benefit the group.

The musical reorientation towards a more rock sound is not really a success.

And the album "Through the barricades" has had only relative success.

Sounding the death knell for this flagship group of the Neo-Romantic current who unfortunately could not manage the turning point of the mid-80s in terms of sound evolution and who paid the high price by an outright disappearance.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• To cut a long story short 1980

• The Freeze 1981

• Muscle bound 1981

• Chant N° 1 1981

• Paint me down 1981

• She loved like diamond 1982

• Instinction 1982

• Lifeline 1982

• Communication 1983

• True 1983

• Gold 1983

• Pleasure 1983

• Only when you leave 1984

• I'll fly for you 1984

• Higly strung 1984

• Round and round 1984

• Fight for ourselves 1986

• Trough the barricades 1986

• How many lies 1987

• Raw 1988

• Be free with your love 1989

• Empty spaces 1989

• Crashed into love 1990

• Once more 2009

• Love is all 2009

• This is the love 2014

• Steal 2014

• Soul boy 2015


Clips :

1980 ... the arrival in force of a small group which will become one of the major groups of the decade across the Channel. They sign here a first title which fits directly into the Charts, great feat !

1981 ... the group confirms in the process that he is surely not there to do only some figuration. Even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, there is quality, it is clear !

1981 ... second year of existence and the group is already following hits at an impressive speed. Rather auspicious for the continuation of the events !

1981 ... the ramp-up is linear and the result in the Charts is proportional. The group is now very close to the stars...

1981 ... a bit windy end of the year 1981. Nothing to worry about but it is clear that they still have a little work before they can play in the big leagues

1982 ... the year 1982 starts on the same bases as the end 1981. The result in the Charts will therefore be equivalent, that is to say very average ...

1982 ... the mutation phase. A title clearly more successful and inspired than the previous 2, it's clear. Phew, we were afraid !

1982 ... a year of success which saw them progress spectacularly and which prepared them in an ideal way for the enormous suite which was announced on the horizon

1983 ... the style and especially their sound, so recognizable thereafter, are refined, it is obvious. They are therefore ready for the big fireworks !

1983 ... then THIS title arrives ! A WONDER that literally explodes their notoriety and which remains to this day one of the 10 biggest Ultimate Slow of the decade, even of this end of the XXth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1983 ... now it's an unbroken series of successive mega hits. The group is now at its maximum and each title released is now an event in itself !

1983 ... the 'little' hit of the year. Difficult, if not impossible, to compete with the 2 huge previous road rollers

1984 ... the year 1984 starts again from the fire of god with this title which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic. Everything the group now produces is immediately transformed into solid gold. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a new moment of softness and finesse, areas they now master perfectly !

1984 ... a decidedly exceptional year that continues with this new global top hit. The group literally walks on water !

1984 ... a year which therefore ends in apotheosis with this new planetary consecration. 4 world class hits including 1 mega this year 1984 alone, hard to beat. Champiiooonnnsss of the World !

1986 ... after a year 1985 strangely empty, we find them in an Olympic form at the beginning of 1986. Nothing and no one can stop them thanks to a constantly boiling inspiration and especially among the best of the moment !

1986 ... the Masters of Time in action ... and time stands still, as if suspended thanks to this absolutely sumptuous ballad. A truly unique know-how. MA-GIC !

1987 ... and it picked up again the following year. Inexhaustible little guys but it is clear that the production of singles has slowed considerably for some time. What to worry about next ...

1988 ... only one title in 1987, ditto for this year 1988. An inspiration which begins to be lacking, it feels the beginning of the end all that ...

1989 ... back to basics but it's already too late, the fans are gone. The group therefore signs their latest notorious hit here ...

1989 ... new large caliber ballad which shows that the group still has some under the pedal. Unfortunately, that will not change anything ...

1990 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 1990s, an attempt which will end in failure. An incredible adventure which ends all the same in beauty with a title of great Class. Normal, because this group is surely one of the most Class of the whole decade !

2009 ... when we thought the case definitively folded, here they come back 19 years later, who would have believed it. And the least we can say is that they haven't lost any of their talent ...

2009 ... we are not going to lie to each other, they do not come back officially but rather thanks to a Best Of on which they have included some brand new titles. But it's always better than nothing as they say ...

2014 ... they do it again 5 years later on this new Best Of. Even if the new titles will go somewhat unnoticed, they at least have the merit of showing that the group still exists. Isn't that the main thing ...

2014 ... of course, the sound is not very trendy and does not risk attracting the younger generations. On the other hand, the base fans will find their account largely there ...

2015 ... what is certain is that it is a real pleasure to find them again. Afterwards, not sure that this stealthy return turns into a real return, but whatever, we take !


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