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A drum touch like no one else...

Phil Collins is an English singer, songwriter and actor who started his artistic career early by playing the child actor or model. He participated in the group "Real Thing", collaborated with the group "Charge" before forming "Freehold" with which he wrote his 1st title "Lying, crying, dying". Then at 18 he formed the group "Hickory" which would later become "Flaming Youth". Group which will release an album which will unfortunately go unnoticed. Everything accelerated in 1971 when he joined the now legendary group "Genesis" as a drummer. And it was in 1975 that he became the singer of the group after the departure of Peter Gabriel. Providential transition for the group which will then experience its greatest successes (especially in 1986 with the title "Invisible touch"). But the real turning point took place in 1981 when he began a solo career alongside Genesis and released the album "Face Value" which contains one of the most emblematic titles of the 80s. Namely the incredible "In the air tonight", the incredible languor and the sound of drums of remarkable and almost unequaled power. This title will literally raise him to the rank of international star. Released in 1982 his second album “Hello, i must be going!" from which will be drawn the Single "You can’t hurry love" which reaches the first place of the hits. Then it was 1984 that saw the title "Against all Odds" reach the heights. The year 1985 will be prolific on 2 levels. First by collaborating with Philip Bailey - singer of Earth Wind and Fire with an extraordinary voice - with whom he will release the Single "Easy lover". Then by the release of the album "No jacket required" which contains 2 Singles hits namely "Sussudio" and "One more night". This album remains to this day his greatest success. 1988 saw the release of two new hits with "Two hearts" and "A groovy kind of love". And 1989 will see the release of the album "... But seriously" from which the Single "Another day in paradise" will be released. Four years will pass before the release of the fifth album "Both sides" which did not meet the expected success stopping the meteoric rise of this gifted music. His career will find new impetus many years later, but that’s another story… which we will see later.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• In the air tonight 1981

• I missed again 1981

• If leaving me is easy 1981

• This must be love 1981

• Thru these walls 1982

• You can’t hurry love 1982

• Do you know, do you care ? 1982

• I don't care anymore 1983

• Don't let him steal your heart away 1983

• I cannot believe it's true 1983

• Why can't it wait 'til morning 1983

• Against all oads 1984

• Easy lover 1984

• Sussudio 1985

• One more night 1985

• Don’t lose my number 1985

• Take me home 1985

• Long long way to go 1985

• Separate lives 1985

• A groovy kind of love 1988

• Two hearts 1988

• Another day in paradise 1989

90s Decade :

• I wish it would rain down 1990

• Something happened on the way to heaven 1990

• That's just the way it is 1990

• Hang in long enough 1990

• Do you remember ? 1990

• Who said I would 1991

• Both sides of the story 1993

• Everyday 1994

• We wait and we wonder 1994

• Dance into the light 1996

• It's in your eyes 1996

• No matter who 1997

• Wear my hat 1997

• The same moon 1997

• True colors 1998

• You'll be in my heart 1999

• Two worlds 1999

• Stangers like me 1999

2000s Decade :

• Son of a man 2000

• Can't stop loving you 2002

• Wake up call 2003

• The least you can do 2003

• Look through my eyes 2003

• No way out 2004

• On my way 2004

• You touch my heart 2005

2010s Decade :

• (Love is like a) Heatwave 2010

• Going back 2010


Tracks :

1981 ... for his first title, he signed here quite simply one of the most enormous titles of the decade, if not of this end of the XXth century ! A WONDER that literally explodes the notoriety of the singer on the solo side and raises him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1981 ... of course, it will be impossible for him to match the colossal success of the previous title but it is clear that we left with him for a hell of a lot of years at the top of the Charts !

1981 ... the least prestigious of the 3 titles of the year. But it once again demonstrates extraordinary skills for the Intimist area. An artist with almost universal musical versatility. MA-GIC !

1981...the year 1981 will have counted so many titles of very high caliber that this one will pass almost unnoticed. Too bad because it is far from unworthy, it's clear...

1982 ... an almost unique style and sound. And which will remain his trademark throughout his career. A unique know-how ...

1982 ... the tube machine is now running at full speed and an uninterrupted surge of hits, Dance and Intimist, which will follow. Regarding this one, it will be Dance, Dance, Dance !

1982...and this unique and recognizable drum hit. He is one of the very few to be able to mix strength and finesse so subtly. What talent !

1983...after two totally euphoric years, the landing in the Charts will be painful to say the least in this year 1983. The years follow each other but are not necessarily alike...

1983... the only title of the year which will get away with it. And yet there is quality once again in everything he produces but sometimes that is not enough unfortunately...

1983...even if the year 1983 will be a year 'without', we will largely be satisfied with what he will offer us during this year. The proof with this new title !

1983...a title which literally floats in the air but which also will pass somewhat 'through'. Decidedly, this year 1983 will not remain as its best Vintage in terms of results in the Charts...

1984...return to frank and massive success the following year. Thanks to an incredible ability to be as good at ballads of very high caliber as in Dance hits. Respect !

1984...when 2 of the biggest stars of the moment meet, the result is bound to be explosive. An incredible moment that will produce one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, just that !

1985...another HUGE hit that literally ignites all the Dancefloors on the planet. One more you will tell me because with him it becomes a habit !

1985 ... a new Ultimate Slow of great beauty which confirms the incredible talent of composer of this extraordinary artist

1985 ... the year of 5 hits ! Just that ... Very few artists to date can boast of having such a prize list

1985 ... everything he touches turns immediately into gold. Whether solo or with Genesis. A gifted musician like there will have been very few during this decade ! an ocean of mega hits, this title will pass more or less under the radar. It must be said that there were so many extraordinary titles in this year 1985 that some did not know - or could - take the sun as hoped...

1985 ... an absolutely exceptional year 1985 with a 5th hit in the process. A year that will remain as its best, necessarily. How to succeed in matching it, bet almost impossible ...

1988 ... the 3rd WONDER ! A record in the matter ! A mind-blowing inspiration that will remain as one of the best in the Intimist world. A Master in the matter by far !

1988 ... a track that spins at 100 km/h ! Rhythm, a melody that hits again, a particularly neat clip, everything to please !

1989 ... the 4th WONDER ! Time is once again suspended ... What more can I say in the face of so much talent !

1990 ... one could have said that the transition to the 1990s would be painful and that the artist would inevitably come to the end of the race. It was very bad to know him ...

1990 ... 1985 was a year with 6 hits. 1990 will be a year at 5. Incredible but true ! It lacks very little to match its record and we are only at the beginning of the decade ...

1990 ... few years of his career will not count an Intimist title. The proof once again with this title. Everything seems so simple for him ...

1990 ... the 'little' hit of the year. When we talk about 'small' hit for him, it's a mega hit for the others. But there is him ... and the others ...

1990 ... so here comes the 5th hit of the year. Once again, from the sumptuous and inspired Intimist, as he knows how to do them so well. With him, we are never disappointed ! MA-GIC !

1991... as much as the year 1990 will have been plethoric in terms of titles, the year 1991 will be very minimalist with only one title on the clock. You have to take a breather at some point...

1993 ... surprisingly, the year 1991 will be single title and of quite relative quality. It happens to him, yes, yes. And 1992 will be an empty year. Very surprising on his part. Here he is back in 1993 and in great shape. So there was no reason to worry ...

1994 ... yes, he will never again reach the absolutely mind-blowing level of success he experienced during the 1980s. But the level of success in the 1990s will be just a notch below. Who says better ?

1994 ... he always knew how to impose his style, decade after decade, without being dependent in any way on the musical standards of the moment. Only the Greatest will have achieved this incredible feat !

1996 ... the production of titles slows down, it was inevitable. Now, it's a maximum of two titles per year and 1 mega hit, no more. But we will largely tell !

1996 ... he continues on his way without paying the least attention to the world of the sound evolution observed in most of the competitors. He has his style and he continues to pay. So why change ...

1997...another year that will not remain as its best vintage. There will be few, but there will still be...

1997 ... inspiration begins to show signs of weakness. And even if the year 1997 will see the release of three titles, the quality, for once, is fairly average overall. A bad warning sign ?

1997... so we will have to settle for the minimum this year and wait for better days. But we are so used that he produces exceptional title after exceptional title that the slightest weakness is a little worrying...

1998 ... when Phil makes Cyndi ! Yes Yes, it's possible. Who could have imagined that he would allow himself to do in the cover, him ? And my faith, the public follows given the level of success of the title. Almost as much as for the original !

1999 ... the decade of 80 will have ended beautifully. The 1990s will end in the same way. New global top hit to demonstrate once again that we will have to count on him for the years to come. That’s for sure !

1999...a soundtrack that he declines ad infinitum with several Singles released. All will not have the same fate in the Charts but none will completely 'through' in any case...

1999...four Singles will be taken from the same soundtrack. This will be the second to know a rather flattering course in the Charts. Not sure if it will be the same for the next one...

2000...the last and lowest ranked of all. It is true that it is still quite rare for a single soundtrack to produce so many titles, resulting in fairly average results for some...

2002...smashing return two years later with this dazzling revisited version of Leo Sayer's 1978 title. The singer manages to sublimate a title that was already sublime. By accelerating the tempo, he makes it a totally new version while keeping the extraordinary side of the title. A-MA-ZING !

2003...the beginning of the slow but irreversible deceleration. We are not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind and the artist will never know the top of the bill again...

2003...he will not completely disappear from the Charts but the level of success now achieved has nothing to do with what he had known before. Hard law of the trade...

2003...and here he is again involved in a Disney movie soundtrack this time for 'Brother bear'. A soundtrack that will not really have the same level of success as Tarzan...

2004...times are getting harder and harder and the successes more and more limited. A decade from 2000 which sees him losing more and more ground on the competition for lack of sufficient inspiration or at least of a high enough level...'s clear that he's doing more extras now than anything else. It remains to be seen if he will be able to bounce back at some point or if everything is settled for him definitively...

2005...whatever it may be, we always take obvious pleasure in listening to his latest compositions. After, the results in the Charts, it doesn't matter at least for the basic fans...

2010... when we thought that everything was well and truly over, he will still manage to come back to the surface a little bit at the start of the new decade. Like what, with him, nothing is ever finished !

2010...once again he alternates crazy tempo and much softer rhythm in a masterful way. He will always have been good in all registers and especially all tempos. Waiting for the sequel of course...


Top Bonus : 2021...a particularly successful orchestral version which de facto shows that this emblematic title of the 80s can be declined in many forms...


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