This girl is a mystery ...

Toyah Ann Willcox is an English singer and actress who, in a 30-year career, has managed to rank 8 singles in the English Top 40, released 20 albums, wrote 2 books, shot in ten films and presented many TV shows, just that ! She never knew why her parents gave her the name of Toyah ... There is a city in Texas with the same name and Toyah also means "Water" in Indian ... Born with several physical disabilities, her childhood will be punctuated by surgical operations and repeated absences from school. Not to mention an adolescence where she became particularly rebellious and violent, as well as a fairly complicated sexuality. In the mid-1970s, the punk wave boomed and strongly influenced her. It was when she saw the Sex Pistols in concert that she told herself that she could do better than them. In 1977, she created the group "Toyah" while also pursuing her acting career. She knows a 1st success with "Victims of the riddle". Then with the album "The blue meaning" in 1980. But it is especially the single "It’s a mystery" and "Thunder in the mountains", released in 1981, which will reveal her to the eyes of the whole world. Behind many albums, making her an essential figure in England in the 80s, rebellious, avant-garde and provocative at will. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Ieya 1980

• It’s a mystery 1981

• I want to be free 1981

• Thunder in the mountains 1981

• Good morning universe 1981

• Brave new world 1982

• Be proud be loud 1982

• Rebel run 1983

• The vow 1983

• Don’t fall in love 1985

• Soul passing through soul 1985

• World in action 1985

• Echo beach 1987

• Moonlight dancing 1987

• Out of the blue 1993

• Now and then 1994

• Mother 2002

• Latex messiah (Viva la rebel in you) 2007

• Fallen 2011

• 21st century supersister 2011

• Winter in wonderland 2013

• Invisible love 2013

• God ceases to dream 2014

• These boots are made for walkin' 2017

• Our hearts stills beat 2018

• Telepathic lover 2019

• Dance in the hurricane 2019

• Step into the new world 2019

• Levitate 2021

• Zoom zoom 2021

Clips :

1981 ... the beginnings completely wacky and so typical of the beginning of 80 across the Channel

1981 ... the hit that will really reveal her. The provocative side is definitely very trendy at the start of this decade and makes her one of the strong values of the moment

1981 ... his biggest planetary hit. Once again on a totally crazy clip of which she has the secret

1981 ... total hair delirium for Toyah the Amazon, Toyah the Valkyrie ... Unquestionably she will remain as a unique model of its kind ...

1981 ... its BIG year. An absolutely exceptional year for her, which sees her produce no less than 4 mega hits, just that !

1982 ... well, then there is total eccentricity. Clips 'aware', she did, but there, we touch Nirvana of total anything ... Long live the 80s !

1982 ... a summary of everything she has been able to do before, that's to say ! And always a first-rate melodic quality

1983 ... she really should stop the carrot because there, the hair is no longer possible ... lolll

1983 ... incredible, an almost normal title ... But what happens to her ... It's not the same, it's not possible !

1985 ... in total femme fatale mode. The style has evolved, it's clear. Like the sound. A more mature Toyah is undeniable !

1985 ... the metamorphosis is obvious. And rather good. The side crossed out, it's nice. But too many crossed out kills the crossed out ...

1985 ... another great year with no less than 3 major hits. Admittedly, that does not equal the year 1981 but still ...

1987 ... her last notorious hit. A nice little cover of Martha & The Muffins to end in style !

1987 ... ended up in the Charts, of course, but the adventure is certainly not over, far from it. Because the bubbling Toyah still has things to say and especially to sing !

1993 ... it will take her 6 years to decide whether to continue the adventure - or not -. And at first glance, it will be we continue and regardless of the results in the Charts ...

1994 ... here she is trying her hand at EuroDance, the 90s oblige. She is far from being ridiculous but how to fight against a competition which is on average 15 years younger in age. Not easy ...

2002 ... there, it is downright 8 years which will separate this title from the preceding title. We thought she was definitely lost but it was bad to know her. Here she is back again !

2007 ... air holes are multiplying, we are not going to lie to each other. Anyway, she continues to believe in it and her enthusiasm and good humor do the rest as they say ...

2011 ... now she comes back every 4, 5 years. Her will to believe in it always and again commands respect, that's for sure. With her, let's face it, nothing is ever over !

2011 ... more than 30 years after starting her career, always and again there. Where most of the colleagues of the time have disappeared, she, on the other hand, continues her adventure in her own way and in the most total carefree manner. What a phenomenon !

2013 ... the decade 2010 will be a little more provided in terms of release of titles. However, this will not allow her to find the Charts path again, but the quality, it, is indeed present, it is already that ...

2013 ... she will have crossed eras and fashions with an ease for the less obvious. It must be said that her youthful spirit will have helped her considerably to achieve this feat ...

2014 ... for each title we say to ourselves that it may be the last and here she is again and again. Nothing seems able to stop her, neither the time, nor the lack of success in the Charts. Beautiful self-sacrifice as they say !

2017 ... covering the cult title of Nacy Sinatra dating from 1966 is a daring bet to say the least. And my faith, its revisited version is far from being ridiculous. From there to say that it is the masterpiece of the year, maybe not all the same ...

2018 ... what is good with her is that we can switch in the blink of an eye from one musical style to another from one title to another. The art and the way of constantly surprising us !

2019 ... an end of the 2010 decade which once again shows that she does not intend to let go. We must therefore imagine that we will find her without problem the following decade ...

2019 ... a year 2019 which will undoubtedly remain as its most abundant in titles for this decade 2010. Quantity, but also quality, what more could you ask for !

2019 ... here she plays it to us as a film soundtrack, an extremely rare thing about her. And why not you tell me ? When we see the result, she should have done it more often ...

2021 ... she will have gone through the 1970s, then the 1980s, then the 1990s, then the 2000s, then the 2010s and here she is in this new decade 2020. Who would've believed that ? She anyway and the story is far from over !

2020 ... Top Bonus : when Toyah - and Robert - decide to play it for us as a luxury cover and above all a delirious cover. The start of a landmark saga !

2021 ... Top Bonus : after revisiting us from the Deep Purple dating from 1972, she attacks another legendary group namely Led Zeppelin with this revisited version of their title from 1971. Only some exceptional on the program !

2021 ... Top Bonus : one might think that she revisits here the flagship title of Soft Cell released in 1981 but the version of Soft Cell is also a cover of the original title of Gloria Jones dating from 1964. Where the art of revisiting revisited !

2021 ... Top Bonus : who would have thought it possible, here she revisits the Britney Spears title dating from 2003 ! Going from Led Zeppelin to Britney Spears, only Toyah could tempt it...and above all succeed !

2021 ... Top Bonus : another big gap, this time with ZZ Top dating from 1983 on the menu. Always in a crazy mode that will remain truly unique in its kind !

2021 ... Top Bonus : in the series of groups that beat up, she revisits here the title of Judas Priest dating from 1980. We f