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They made a promise...

Cock Robin is an American group formed in 1982 in San Francisco by singer Peter Kingsbery.

The name of the group is said to come from a 17th century narrative called "The marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren".

As paradoxical as it may seem, the group will break into Europe but remain almost unknown in the USA.

The group's first album, of the same name, was released in 1985. Album from which 3 major hits will be extracted : "When your heart is weak", "Thought you were on my side" and the enormous "The promise you made". It’s a real tidal wave sweeping across Europe. The success even extends to South Africa. But remains very modest in the United States.

In 1987 the album "After here through Midland" was released, although the group was reduced to a "duet" consisting of Peter Kingsbery and Anna LaCazio. This is a new success, notably thanks to the flagship title "Just around the corner" and to a lesser extent with "The biggest fool of all".

Their third album "First love/Last rites" was released in 1989. Album considered to be the most successful but which will unfortunately be the last, the group separating shortly after the latter's realization.

Cock Robin will not have been very prolific in terms of albums but will leave some beautiful pieces in the musical history of the 80s.

And Peter Kingsbery will remain as one of the most outstanding male voices of this decade, his interpretation of the title "Only the very best" being the most beautiful illustration.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• When your heart is weak 1985

• The promise you made 1986

• Thought you were on my side 1986

• Once we might have known 1986

• Just around the corner 1987

• The biggest fool of all 1987

• El Norte 1987

90s Decade :

• Worlds apart 1990

• Manzanar 1990

• Straighter line 1990

2000s Decade :

• Superhuman 2006

• Accross the way 2006

• Body over mine 2006

2010s Decade :

• Now and then 2010

• Chekered past 2010

• Songs for a bell tower 2010

• Chinese driver 2016

• Connected 2016


Tracks :

1985 ... the HUGE tube that will reveal them. A start for the less shattering and which raises them One Shot to the rank of planetary stars. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... this title will make it even stronger than the previous one, as incredible as it may seem. The brilliant demonstration of a decidedly extraordinary talent !

1986 ... the mega hits are now linked in an impressive way. A dynamic that nothing and no one can stop at this stage !

1986 ... a title which will only be released in the United States, hence its relative ignorance on the part of the public ... too bad !

1987 ... the new top mega hit that makes them definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s. A group whose existence is more than ephemeral but which will have left in its wake an incredible number of extraordinary titles to say the least. HU-GE !

1987 ... certainly, this title will not remain as their best ranked but proves once again that the group has largely deserved its place among the Greatest...

1987 ... still as inspired, still as effective. And yet, this title will also remain little known to the public. Go figure ...

1990 ... the years go by, the quality does not weaken by an inch. But it will be their last notorious hit. A magnificent adventure which unfortunately comes to an end ...

1990 ... a title that will go completely unnoticed. It is clear that the level of the group is no longer what it was and the result in the Charts is inevitably affected ...

1990 ... the last single. The end of an incredible adventure that has consecrated them as one of the best bands of the decade. A largely deserved status !

2006...and no, the adventure is not quite over, far from it. The previous title will have been the last classified title but certainly not the last title of the group...

2006...we're not lying to each other, the best years are now behind them, that's for sure. But what the group continues to offer is far from being ridiculous, it is clear...

2006...which is frankly a pity is that the general public doesn't even know that the group still exists. There are now only the basic fans to follow him a little...

2010...especially since the group absolutely does not intend to stop there at first sight. He still has things to say and especially things to sing...

2010...certainly the level of inspiration no longer has much to do with the great years, but all the same. Anyway, we'll be happy with that...

2010...the main thing is that the group continues to believe in it. After, the results in the Charts and the glitter, it's now for the others but it doesn't matter as long as the group takes pleasure in doing what he does...'s clear that the 2010s version of the band has nothing to do with the 80s. After that, it's normal that the band evolved and adapted, more or less, to the latest musical trends...

2016...and as with them nothing is ever over, so we imagine that this title is certainly not the last. To be continued as they say...


1992 ... Top Bonus : when Kingsbery plays it solo and takes over Daniel Balavoine. The original was perfect. The copy will more or less approach it. MA-GIC !


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