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They all know who they are...

Cameo is an American band formed in 1974 by Larry Blackmon and originally named New York City Players. Group that will have to change its name to avoid confusion with the Ohio Players.

After signing with the Casablanca Record label two years later in 1976, the group released a first single called “Find my way” the same year. And for a first try, it is rather successful since the group obtains its first classified title.

First album "Cardiac arrest" the following year in 1977, album which in turn became popular with the public notably thanks to the titles "Rigor mortis" and "Funk funk".

Subsequently, an impressive number of albums were released : "We all know who we are" and "Ugly ego" in 1978, "Secert omen" in 1979, "Cameosis" and "Feel me" in 1980, "Knights of the sound table” in 1981,“Alligator woman” in 1982,“Style” in 1983,“She's strange” in 1984 and “Single life” in 1985, just that !

All of them will produce at least 1 high-caliber track but it's the "Word up !" album which comes out in 1986, which will finally devote the group to the planetary level. Huge album which will produce their biggest singles with the titles “Candy”, “Back and forth” but also, and above all, “Word up !", a flagship title that will remain as the biggest success of all their single-side discography.

Other albums and other singles would come out later, but the band would never repeat the feat they achieved on the album "Word up !" ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Find my way 1976

  • Rigor mortis 1977

  • It's serious 1978

  • It's over 1978

  • I just want to be 1979

  • Shake your pants 1980

  • Feel me 1981

  • Freaky dancing 1981

  • Just be yourself 1982

  • Flirt 1982

  • Style 1983

  • She’s strange 1984

  • Hangin' downtown 1984

  • Attack me with your love 1985

  • Single life 1985

  • Word up ! 1986

  • Candy 1986

  • Back and forth 1987

  • You make me work 1988

  • Skin I'm in 1988

  • Pretty girls 1989

  • I want it now 1990

  • That kind of guy 1992

  • Money 1992

  • You are my love 1995

  • Loverboy 2001


Clips :

1975 ... a successful start to say the least with a first classified title. It must be said that everything is trendy, the style as the sound !

1977 ... the group confirms with this title that they are certainly not there to make only some figuration. It remains to pass the stage of planetary recognition ...

1978 ... it is clear that the group is doing a good job but does not manage to raise its level of play. Hence a phenomenon of stagnation which begins to last ...

1978 ... after several high caliber Dance titles, here they are in the Intimist area. And my faith, in this area, they show a potential more than obvious !

1979 ... back to Dance mode, their favorite mode. The problem is, they're good at it, but they still can't produce THE title that could change everything ...

1980 ... we will have to be a little more patient before seeing the miracle happen. So we start the 80s as we ended the 70s, that is to say at the same qualitative level ...

1981 ... paradoxically, it is in the Intimist field that they realize their most successful titles. A high-level know-how that unfortunately does not pay more than that in the Charts ...

1981 ... there is something better but it is still not enough. Six years after particularly encouraging beginnings, the group still does not manage to pass the level on which he stumbles for years and years ...

1982 ... and it is not the year 1982 that will change anything. There is production of titles, of course, but the qualitative level is stagnating ...

1982 ... a year 1982 which will bring nothing more in the end. A beginning of the 80s which saw them doing something on the spot, despite an obvious desire to do well ...

1983 ... the year 1983 will not get any better. They still cannot find the right recipe and are content to play the supporting roles once again ...

1984 ... then the miracle arrives, finally. They land here their first global top hit and finally get the recognition after which they have been chasing for so long. HU-GE !

1985 ... now that the band has found the style and the sound that goes well, all he has to do is unroll. And to unroll, it will unroll !

1985 ... a year 1985 which saw them link top hit to top hit, something that had not been the case until then. A late rise but better late than never as they say ...

1986 ... then comes THE consecration ! They obtain here the biggest success of all their discography and at the same time offer themselves a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... an exceptional year in all respects with this 2nd top hit which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic titles. All good little guys !

1987 ... the dynamic of success does not weaken in this new year 1987, which allows them to stay in contact with the best without too much difficulty. Hope it lasts ...

1988 ... their last global top hit. After 2 euphoric years, the group will not succeed in renewing himself and the sanction will be immediate in the Charts. Programmed free fall ...

1988 ... they will manage to save the furniture at the end of 1988 but it will be the last time they will experience success outside the United States ...

1989 ... the end of the decade which rhymes with the beginning of decline. This time, it is well and truly started for the big unscrewing. And nothing, and no one, will be able to stop it from now on ...

1990 ... they will attempt the transition to the 90s but that will not change the situation concerning them. And this despite a certain quality of title on this one ...

1992 ... the group's last BIG year. Plethora of titles in this year 1992 and the relative quality. We will largely be satisfied with it !

1992 ... a year 1992 which saw them manage to get their heads out of the water a little. But it will be fine the last time...

1995 ... a mid-decade that saw them disappear altogether. We will see them reappear stealthily in 1995 with this title to better disappear behind ...

2001 ... it's Mariah who will revive them in a totally improbable way at the beginning of the 2000s. She offers them on a stage this enormous top hit which will still be more to her credit than to theirs ...


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