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These men have revolutionary passion ...

The Wild Swans is an English group formed in 1980 by Paul Simpson, ex member of the group "The Teardrop explodes".

The original members are Paul Simpson, singer, Jeremy Kelly, guitarist, Ged Quinn, keyboardist, James Weston, bassist and Justin Stavely on drums.

In 1982 released a first single "The revolutionary spirit" which received a very favorable reception.

Despite this, the group explodes, Kelly and Quinn leaving for "The Lotus Eaters", Simpson for "Care".

Miraculously, the group rose from the ashes in 1988 and released the excellent album "Bringing home the ashes" from which will be extracted in particular the 2 singles "Young manhood" and "Bible dreams".

And this despite a very mixed feeling of Simpson who finds the album "too commercial" for his taste and far from the original aspirations of the group.

In 1990 the album "Space flower" was released, which was only a modest success.

Which will quickly lead to a new dislocation of the group. And as incredible as it may seem, the group reformed again in ... 2011. And again produced an excellent album "The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years" which contains the flagship titles "Los tat the sea", "Chloroform" and "The bluebell wood".

An amazing group that will have reborn an incredible number of times and that 30 years after its debut has not aged a bit !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• The revolutionary spirit 1982

• God forbid 1982

• Holy holy 1988

• Bible dreams 1988

• Bitterness 1988

• Bringing home the ashes 1988

• Young manhood 1988

• Northern England 1988

• Mythical beast 1988

• Whirpool heart 1988

• Lost at sea 2011

• Chloroform 2011

• The bluebell wood 2011


Clips :

1982 ... a unique sound for a group that is out of place and unlike any other, it's clear. A first title which already says a lot about the group's potential. And there is potential !

1982 ... the confirmation of a certain talent. And went somewhat unnoticed. The group had everything to make a beautiful place in the sun but fate will decide otherwise unfortunately ...

1988 ... The Wild Swans...Season 2. Even if the years have passed, the least we can say is that they are still as good. And always this unique sound that will forever remain their trademark ...

1988 ... the year of full maturity. A year 1988 of all beauty which sees the group producing the best of himself and showing us in a brilliant way that they are not there by chance !

1988 ... another proof with this title of obvious quality. A truly astonishing inspiration which paradoxically did not allow them to go to the stars. Tough law of the trade ...

1988 ... which will surely remain one of their best titles. The end of a decade that sees them inspired as never before and producing heavyweight titles on heavyweight titles

1988 ... but this one is not bad either ... With them, you are spoiled for choice in this year 1988. Anyway, with them, we take everything !

1988 ... when there is more, there is still more. A title production limited to a few years but when we see the quality of each title, we will be largely satisfied with this reduced quantity !

1988 ... the Golden Year. An incredible year for a group with more than certain talent but which will always remain in the shadow of the Great. When they had everything to shine as bright as the others !

1988 ... definitely, nothing to throw away. With them, it's guaranteed quality whatever the song. Never a bad surprise, only the 1st choice !

2011 ... 30 years after their debut, the incredible return ! And still as good again ! But as we say, talent one day, talent forever !

2011 ... despite the title of their song, they are not likely to put us to sleep, that's for sure ! A spectacular renaissance in this 2000 decade from which we are enjoying depriving ourselves !

2011 ... the final clap for a group that would have frankly deserved recognition much higher than it was. But that's how life goes ...


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