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There Are More Snakes than Ladders...

Captain Sensible, real name Raymond Burns, is an English singer-songwriter who began his career with a band called Johnny Moped, before joining The Damned in 1976.

The real solo career began in 1978 with the release of a first Single called "Jet boy, jet girl", a Single that unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed.

He will have to wait 4 years and the year 1982 to finally see his efforts rewarded with the title "Happy talk", a title which will be a hit this year across the Channel. A big caliber Single from the album "Women and captains first" which was also released that year.

The consecration arrives the same year with the release of the enormous title "Wot", a title which will set fire to all Dancefloor on the planet and which will literally explode the notoriety of the artist internationally. Single also taken from the same album.

He will know other notorious successes with titles like "Stop the world" in 1983, "Glad it's over", "There are more snakes than ladders" and "One christmas catalog" in 1984, but these will not be able to match the previous title in terms of planetary success.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Jet boy, jet girl 1978

80s Decade :

  • Happy talk 1982

  • Wot 1982

  • Croydon 1982

  • Stop the world 1983

  • I'm a spider 1983

  • Glad it’s all over 1984

  • There Are More Snakes than Ladders 1984

  • One Christmas catalogue 1984

  • Wot, no meat 1985

  • Come on down 1985

  • Revolution now 1987

  • The snooker song 1988

  • The toys take over 1988

90s Decade :

  • Smash it up (Part 4) 1990

  • Holiday in my heart 1993

  • The hokey cokey 1994

  • While wrecking the car 1997

  • Missing the boat 1999


Adventure The Damned :


Tracks :

1978 ... the first steps within the Damned. An adventure that will allow him to do his classes and start to talk about him. It's a good start as they say ...

1982 ... it is with this title, in truth a revisited version of one of the flagship titles of the musical 'South Pacific' dating from 1949, that the young Raymond Burns will suddenly explode in the eyes of the whole world. It was an extremely daring bet to cover this somewhat obsolete title, but it was a winning bet anyway !

1982 ... an absolutely incredible 1982 for the artist. The proof with this title which will undoubtedly remain as its most emblematic title. He delivers here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the decade, if not from the end of the 20th century, and at the same time offers himself a direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a year 1982 that never ends. With this time a title full of finesse which contrasts radically with the previous title. Another facet of his talent ...

1983 ... the great adventure continues with this title which offers the singer a new notorious success. Of course, he will never repeat the feat of 'Wot' but what he continues to offer largely holds up !

1983 ... a title which will pass completely under the radar and which is far from unworthy however. There are times, you shouldn't try to understand ...

1984 ... conversely, this one will not go unnoticed ! It will not remain as the singer's biggest success but will undoubtedly remain as one of his most emblematic titles ...

1984 ... the year 1982 was an exceptional year for the artist, the year 1984 will approach more or less with an uninterrupted succession of top hits. There are years like this !

1984 ... an inspiration that does not weaken and that keeps the singer in the leading pack with obvious ease. But as they say, when the talent is there, everything is fine !

1985 ... a crazy title that will unfortunately pass under the radar. The following years but are not necessarily alike. The proof with this year 1985 which will not remain as its best vintage ...

1985 ... in the same vein. One would think the artist returned to the Damned years as the rhythm of the titles released that year makes you dizzy. Be careful when leaving the road ...

1987 ... after an empty year 1986, the singer returns in a form that we will qualify as average in this year 1987. In addition, once again in overspeed mode. A mode that really does not succeed ...

1988 ... the end of a decade that really sees him struggling. Inspiration fluctuates enormously, as do styles. With the key to a pure and simple disappearance of the Charts ...

1988 ... obvious return of inspiration but, unfortunately, too late, the damage is done. The public has gone elsewhere and will never come back ...

1990 ... here he happened squarely in instrumental mode. Times are getting harder and harder and the singer is now doing more some figuration than anything else ...

1993 ... the adventure continues for good in this decade 90 but it is far too late to reverse the trend. The dips are now ...

1994 ... stealthy return of success and again, light light light success. All on a crazy track once again. Not sure that this is the right method to get back to the leading pack ...

1997 ... come on, one last title for the road. After a decade of 80 which saw him reach the Nirvana, the decade of 90 saw him sink body and soul. Like many colleagues unfortunately ...

1999 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. Even if this title is far from unworthy, it will unfortunately not change the situation. End of the story...


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