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The robots dance...

Classix Nouveau is an English band formed in 1979 and originally composed of Sal Solo (real name Christopher Stevens), Jak Airport (real name Jack Stafford), Mik Sweeney and B.P. Hurding.

Group which released their first single "The robots dance" in 1980, a single which was to be highly regarded and made it possible to promote the group to the general public.

A year later in 1981 released their first album "Night people", which also did not go unnoticed. Album from which will be extracted their first classified singles which are "Tokyo", "Inside outside" but also, and above all, "Guilty".

But the consecration, the real one, came in 1982 when the album "The Truth" was released, an album which will remain as the highest ranked of all and which will above all produce the enormous single "Is it a dream".

Unfortunately, the joy will be short-lived because the album "Secret" which will be released a year later in 1983 will not meet the success of its predecessor, despite a certain quality. A failure which will precipitate the fall of the group which will end up separating in 1985.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • The robots dance 1980

  • Nasty little green men 1980

  • Guilty 1981

  • Tokyo 1981

  • Inside Outside 1981

  • Never Again (The Days Time Erased) 1981

  • Is it a dream 1982

  • Because you’re young 1982

  • The end...or the beginning 1982

  • Forever and a day 1983

  • Never never comes 1983

  • Heart from the start 1984

  • When they all have gone 1984

  • Hearbeat (Sal Solo) 1985

2000s Decade :

  • La vérité 2002


Tracks :

1980 ... a very trendy style and sound. This group has everything it takes to do great things, that's clear !

1980 ... well, it is clear that there is a bit of everything and anything in this group and that they will really have to structure everything to allow them to integrate the big leagues

1981 ... an evolution which goes in the right direction and which allows the group to position himself ideally for the continuation of the events. Not much is missing to produce a first major top hit

1981 ... of course, the gap which separates them from the top of the groups of the moment is still important but the good will of the group is obvious. Patience, patience ...

1981 ... a BIG year 1981 with a plethora of titles and especially the good and the not so good. We would put this title there rather in the second category unfortunately ...

1981 ... on the other hand, this one would rather be part of the good surprises. The group is finally coming of age and it starts to feel on the quality of the sound. HU-GE !

1982 ... the title of consecration. Despite a somewhat quirky style, here they quite simply sign the biggest success of their entire discography and at the same time offer themselves a direct place in the musical Pantheon of the 80s !

1982 ... a year 1982 which will remain as the best vintage of the group. Quality on every level that allows the band to chain hit after hit. And it's not over !

1982 ... a year 1982 which ends less well than it started. The group has reached its maximum level and will never go higher unfortunately ...

1983 ... the adventure continues for whatever reason for this group which will never have been able to find a place in the sun but which will not be unworthy, far from it !

1983...which will surely remain one of their most emblematic titles. A title almost absent from the Charts and yet which really deserved to be. Pity...

1984...this one is also not bad in the same genre. A year 1984 which relegates them to oblivion despite titles of more than certain quality. Go figure !

1984...whatever happens, we will appreciate to the end what they were able to produce while knowing that we are inevitably getting closer to the final exit door...

1985...a title which will be released under the name Sal Solo but which can still be integrated into the group's discography...

2002 ... a title totally out of time and in which he nevertheless shows a mastery of the most certain. A group that will have amazed us until the end !


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