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The road is long...

Not much information about Luc De La Rochellière other than the fact that he is a singer-songwriter from Quebec.

Singer who will remain mainly in the musical history of the end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Cash city" released in 1991.

As such alone, he deserved this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Amère América 1988

  • La route est longue 1988

  • Chinatown blues 1988

  • Si fragile 1990

  • Cash city 1991

  • Ma génération 1991

  • Sauvez mon âme 1992

  • Si j’te disais reviens 1993

  • Kunidé 1994

  • Tu crack Marcel 1994

  • Les nouveaux héros 1996

  • Pop désintox 1997


Clips :

1988 ... a first title which shows a more than obvious potential in this young singer. A potential that will allow him to do great things in the years to follow ...

1988 ... a year 1988 to break in and especially to make talk about yourself. A mission perfectly accomplished when we see the success achieved by the album which notably contains this title

1988 ... the rise in power is linear and ideally prepares the artist for the rest of the events. A sequel that promises to be grandiose in the years to come ...

1990 ... a title of transition between 2 eras, the era of the first successes and especially the era of consecration. We can imagine what time we are heading ...

1991 ... then THIS title comes ! He signs here quite simply the biggest success of his career and at the same time offers himself a direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... after reaching the top of the mountain, it is obvious that you can only go back down. A descent that will be smooth but unfortunately he will never be able to stop ...

1992 ... what he continues to suggest is far from ridiculous, it is clear. Of course, he will never find the level of success reached by 'Cash city' but the adventure continues to be beautiful and that is the main thing !

1993 ... a nice style but which no longer really sticks to the latest trends of the moment. A career that will henceforth be made outside the usual paths of the star system ...

1994 ... his deliberate will not to respect the codes of the moment will marginalize him de facto. A bias assumed but necessarily counterproductive ...

1994 ... a truly atypical style which is as much its strength as its weakness. In a hyper-standardized musical world, originality often comes at a high price ...

1996 ... a pretty ballad which shows that, when he wants, he can return to the paths of normality. Too bad because it is unfortunately already too late for him, the public has gone to look elsewhere ...

1997 ... the end of the 90s which saw him come back in force in the race. But the delay with the competition is now impossible to fill. Hard law of the trade ...


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